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Episodes 80 - 71

Magnetofunky No. 80 - July 13, 2018,    Duration: 43:36

Image: The mini me booster in parallel with the secondary battery...

"Back List"

Coexist  - Dos Trios

Builders List

Image: The circuit diagram for Ludic Science's DC - DC voltage doubler...   

Open Mic Stage: A Few Indie Submissions...
Summoning The Assassins - Citazen Pariah    Faded - Emberside    Assimilator - Starfarer    Do Tell - Citazen Pariah   

07/14-John Zorn & Bill Laswell @ The Chapel, SF...    07/16-Pop Gym Free Self-Defense Workshop @ Bluestockings Bookstore, NYC...    07/18-Bystander Intervention Training @ Impact Hub Oakland...    07/19-Pollination of Native Plants @ Chicago Cultural Center...    07/20-Left of the Dial-Antifascist Benefit Show @ The Golden Bull, Oakland...

Baby Cap Bedini

Image: The baby booster cap in series and parallel with the motor...    Image: The baby cap in series/parallel with the secondary battery...

One More Tune:
Descending - Dos Trios

Magnetofunky No. 79 - July 06, 2018,    Duration: 35:45

Image: The mini me booster in parallel with the load wires...

"Load Pair"

Persian - Tijuana Cartel

Lifeboat Power

Image: The open voltage reading from the load wires...   

Open Mic Stage: Indie Jams...
GIANTS - ROCKET    Smoke And Mirrors - Pitchman    04 GOPBlues - Rats of Unusual Size

07/07-Interrogation Training @ Berkeley Animal Rights Center...    07/08-Digital Security Training, Oakland...    07/12-Frida Fest @ Appleton Grill, Watsonville...    07/13-Intro to Buddhism @ Old Union, Stanford University...    07/13-BLACK AGE XXI @ the DuSable Museum’s Arts & Crafts Festival, Chicago...

Power Panel

Image: Basic schematic of Ludic Science's charge level indicator...    Image: Soldering the LEDs and resistors together...

One More Tune:
Lluvia de verano (summer rain) - Neurotransmisor

Magnetofunky No. 78 - June 29, 2018,    Duration: 34:52

Image: First Bedini SSG3 load test with a DC motor...

"Grid Sketch"

Stranger Danger - Thee Irma & Louise

Two Outlets for the Grid

Image: The transfer switch I picked for Grid build 1.0, used by ham radio enthusiasts...   

Open Mic Stage: Curated Justice...
Serf City - Suspected Terrorists    THe miniSTer OF JUSTiCe - Mutantlab    Justice - Core Rotten    Wild Justice - COW

06/29-Tech in the Tenderloin 2nd Annual Tech Festival @ The Salvation Army Kroc Center, SF...    07/01-Intro to DSA @ Alley Cat Books in the Mission...    07/04-Anti-July 4 America Was Never Great Picnic @ Lake Merritt, Oakland...    07/05-Book Talk: History Teaches Us to Resist @ Brooklyn Historical Society...

SSG Load Test 1

Image: Small DC motors for testing...    Image: The same curent draw from the run battery without scope probes...    Image: The new load junction...    Image: Troy Reid's diagram for connecting the extra secondary wires...

One More Tune:
Suddenly It Occurs To Me There's No Ocean Here - Artificial Intelligence in Texas

Magnetofunky No. 77 - June 22, 2018,    Duration: 41:01

Image: Bedini SSG3 tuning, 50-60 mA current drawn from the primary battery...

"Lab Solstice"

Masturbina - Kamote Surf

Solstice Weeds

Image: The verified 'h' wave on the scope...   

Open Mic Stage: Half and Half Mix...
Time Passing By - Alen Tagus    Which Will - Faded Echo    Beeblebrox - Glenn White    Summer Solstice - The Sometime Boys

06/23-3rd Annual Oakland Family Festival @ Verdese Carter Park, Oakland...    06/24-Jerry Pendergast Headlines TallGrass Open Mic @ Conrad Sulzer Regional Library, Chicago...    06/25-Drunk Dial Congress @ Butter & Scotch, Brooklyn...    06/25 2018 State of The Black Tech Ecosystem @ Morgan MFG., Chicago...

Tuning Session 2

Image: The ammeter...

One More Tune:
Party Declined - Super NintenBros

Magnetofunky No. 76 - June 14, 2018,    Duration: 34:40

Image: Bedini tuning, Hugh Hefner style...


Atoms - AudioSurfer

Tuning Weeds

Image: The tuning order for the three pots...    Image: The final 'h' waveform after the first fine tuning...

Image: The potentiometers dial positions - '\' '__' & '/'...

Open Mic Stage: All Cali...
Syria - Black Angel    BLJ - Magic Glue    F.R.O.A. - Gone Zero    The Ladder - BlueSurfdogz

06/16-68th Annual Juneteenth Festival from Alamo Square to the Fillmore, SF...    06/16-Solar & Star Party @ Robert Ferguson Observatory, Kenwood...    06/16-Bloomsday in Chicago @ The Galway Arms...    06/17-Orphans For Fathers Day @ Lake Merritt, Oakland...    06/18-W4tB feat. Valerie Wallace @ Uncharted Books, Chicago...

Grid Filling

Image: The capacitor booster with the charger diode in place, getting 
a slow 18V...    Image: The proper 12V SLA 3-phase battery charger...    Image: The Bronze Age emergency battery pack holders...

One More Tune:
Knight Court - Gone Zero

Magnetofunky No. 75 - June 07, 2018,    Duration: 33:12

Image: My signal generator kit after assembly...

"Surfing The Weeds"

Apathy and Exhaustion - Surf/Harp

Tuning Probe

Image: from 'EEVblog #279 - How NOT To Blow Up Your Oscilloscope!'...    Image: The probe with attached ground clip with a terminal block emitter connection...    Image: The next step probe comes in after each coil is separately tuned...

Open Mic Stage: Surf Season...
Juice - The BeatJackers    Personal Jesus - MAGNETIK SURF    Exotica - Juanitos

06/09-Girls in Tech Bootcamp @ Hackbright Academy, SF...   

Booster Weeds

Image: The signal generator, pre-assembly...    Image: The circuit board flip side...    Image: The Weller hobby iron with chisel tip...

One More Tune:
Take It Personal - The BeatJackers

Magnetofunky No. 74 - May 28, 2018,    Duration: 34:27

Image: My supercap booster inline power valve, battery side wire done...


Deliverance - The Dramedy

Signal Generators

Image: Simple Waveforms...   

Open Mic Stage: More Spring Indie Submissions...
Wake Up - KGizzle    Pre-Madonna- S.M.F    Chant - Glenn White

06/01-Live Archaeology Dig @ The Presidio...    06/02-The Root Slam Writing Workshop @ Chapter 510, Oakland...    06/03-Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon @ Marina Green, SF...   

Stage 1 Booster

Image: The booster parallel inner wiring and terminal leads...    Image: The resistor-diode combos for the inline power valve...    Image: The Booster almost ready to charge...

One More Tune:
Dead Body Fuck Party - Winterwolf

Magnetofunky No. 73 - May 21, 2018,    Duration: 33:27

Image: My old-school analog oscilloscope, calibration check...

"The Big O"

SpaceMan - Cee Knowledge and Cosmic Funk Allstars

The Big Picture

Image: The Oscilloscope back at the Lab...    Image: The easy on the eyes control panel...

Open Mic Stage: More Eclectic Indie Submissions...
Chasing the New York Sun - The Missing Suns    Bed Bug - Jeff Baker Sounds    The Same Old - Chow Chow Mandy

05/22-Sun Ra Birthday Celebration @ Balboa Theater, SF...    05/24-2018 People's Pitch Event @ Kapor Center, Oakland...    05/25-Africa Day @ Oakland Museum of California...   

On The Horizon:

Record-breaking paper water purifier operates at near 100% efficiency...

Tektronix TAS 465

Image: Many of the usual controls are on-screen menu items...   

One More Tune:
Charlene - Paolo Mancasola

Magnetofunky No. 72 - May 15, 2018,    Duration: 35:32

Image: The Auto Relay Switch Bedini, Take 2...


The Instrumental - Panther Style

The Next Step

Image: The 200 Ohm balancing resistors...   

Open Mic Stage: Alt Rock/Trip Hop From Chi-Town...
Crooked Smile - The Noise FM    jukes - blackdaylight    Zeleke's Magic Bass - Manic Focus

05/17-Journalists of Color in the Trump Era @ DePaul University Career Center, Chicago...    05/18-Dialog on Global Compassion @ UCSF Cole Hall, SF...    05/19-18th annual Malcolm X JazzArts Festival @ San Antonio Park, Oakland...    05/20-PEACE BIKE RIDE @ National Museum of the American Indian, New York...

Relay Switch Redux

Image: Charging a battery with my power supply...    Image: Relay Switch Bedini Detail...   

One More Tune:
Sewage - Professor Kliq

Magnetofunky No. 71 - May 07, 2018,    Duration: 35:56

Image: The 50K Ohm Balancing Resistors...

"The Voltage Drop Weeds"

Caroline - ScissorHand Syndrome

Drops, Plural

Open Mic Stage: Songs For Hard Spring...
Buried Alive - Kaitlyn Gold    Lower Than Atlantis - Chow Chow Mandy    Can't Stop Falling - The Dramedy

05/07-Weeds Poetry at the Hideout, Chicago...    05/09-GreenShorts Award Ceremony  James Bridges Theater, LA...    05/12-2018 San Francisco Equality Awards @ The Westin St. Francis...    05/13-Political Prisoner Letter Writing @ La Conxa, LA...

Supercap Mishigoss

One More Tune:
While You Can - Jade Mahogany

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