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Episodes 90 - 81

Magnetofunky No. 90- September 21 2018,    Duration: 38:48

Image: A few Benitez diagrams to study...


Poetic Kinetics - Intrinsic Cadence

Finding The Frigging Manual

Open Mic Stage: Rockers In China And Taiwan...
Triad - Tydi Knots    By All Means / 綁架 - COUNTERVALVE    Descend Into Light - 4ZER04

09/22-One Mean Monster Zine - Party for Planned Parenthood, LA...    09/23-Muslim Day Parade 2018, NY...    09/24-Men Confronting the Patriarchy, SF...    09/25-How to Be an Active Citizen, North Berkeley Public Library...

Big Bump

Image: Charging one of the booster units...   

One More Tune:
Lola's Grapewine (Re-Fix & Mashup) - ME-HIGH-LOW

Magnetofunky No. 89 - September 15, 2018,    Duration: 36:13

Image: The gear train in a spring-wound music box with resulting stats, from engineerguy's video 'How a Wind Up Music Box Works'....

"Grok The Gear Train"

Who's Your Maker? - A Primitive Evolution

Gear Steps Up

Image: The mechanism itself is small, but it came with free magnets...    Image: The full gear train...

Open Mic Stage: A Little Aussie Rock...
Nobody's Fool - Carlo & The Montes    I am An Infinite Cycle - A Primitive Evolution    Teahupoo (Cha'poo) - The Surf Mist. Photo by Perrie Taylor of the Beehives Go Go troupe 2016    SO LONG - Surf Trash

09/17-Litquake Lunch Break, SF...    09/17-Capitalism - Six Part Documentary Series @ Oakland Peace Center...    09/19-Antisocial Media @ World Affairs, SF...    09/21-Autumnal Equinox Celebration for Modern Witches, SF...

Inductor Raider

Image: After cutting the light wires, the tube was dropped off at a neighborhood recycler...    Image: The actual circuit board holds a number of goodies, including the induction coil...    Image: The induction coil safely removed without damage to the terminals...   

One More Tune:

Magnetofunky No. 88 - September 08, 2018,    Duration: 32:54

Image: The toy music box coming to the lab....

"Music Box Motor"

Bobby Drake - BenJamin Banger

Tiny Template

Image: A music box mechanism...   

Open Mic Stage: Global Beats...
LET'S PUSH THINGS FORWARD - Sonic Boom Six    Western arabisant - Sarah Maison    WEEP - AMERICAN STANDARDS

08/08-9-An Evening of Chekhov @ The Den Theater, Chicago...    08/12-Last Hearing to take down the Racist Pioneer Statue, SF City hall Rm 416...    08/13-BLACK Liberation + Climate Justice @ Moad, SF...   

Baby Booster Plus

Image: Testing the 30V 3.33F Baby Booster Plus...    Image: Parts diagram for the mini booster...   

One More Tune:
Wonderland - Synapsis

Magnetofunky No. 87 - September 01, 2018,    Duration: 36:49

Image: The spark gap for my Benitez circuit is a basic spark tester from the auto store....

"Benitez Upgrade"

Siesta - Jahzzar

21st Century Benitez

Image: It took a month, but my 6 Ohm 50 Watt resistor came in...   

Open Mic Stage: Late Summer Indie...
Everybody's Business - Bay Station    Pure Intentions - Mise Darling    Some Transformation - Mythica

09/01-Greenpeace Ship Free Tours @ Pier 19, SF...    09/03-Refuge Block Party @ Leimert Park, LA...    09/07-Women’s Park Star Party @ Chicago Women's Park...    08/08-Rise For Climate, Jobs & Justice San Francisco...    09/08-LADP's Abortion Doula Training, Sherman Oaks, SoCal...

Crank Parts Is Parts

Image: The spherical neodymium magnets for the motor coil with hemisphere polarization...    Image: The magnet inside the coil with the proper orientation for spinning...

One More Tune:
Though the Tunnels - eddy

Magnetofunky No. 86 - August 24, 2018,    Duration: 40:35

Image: Microwave Turntable Motor Coil, this one 120V...


Spy Who Dubbed Me Riddim - Cee Knowledge and Cosmic Funk Allstars

The Next Hill

Image: The SSG3 rotor wheel packed for storage...    Image: The SSG3 itself secured, minus the load wires...    Image: The Rene Rator, a D.M. Cook variation...

Open Mic Stage: Very Fresh Indie Beats...
Flux - Sound Curfew    Difficile - Sophisticated Boom Boom    Astronaut - Lorenzo's Music    Cheyenne - Tone Ranger

08/24-26-ONYXCON X @ Southwest Arts Center, Atlanta...    08/26-Unite for Justice - Bay Area to #StopKavanaugh @ SF Civic Center...    08/28-Rally To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal @ Oscar Grant Plaza, Oakland...    08/31-Biking While Black - Justice for Naj Rally @ Wiley Manuel Alameda County Courthouse, Oakland...

Think Outside The Motor

Image: Breaking open a 120V 6 RPM motor...    Image: ...for the coil inside...

One More Tune:
Saguaro - Tone Ranger

Magnetofunky No. 85 - August 17, 2018,    Duration: 33:07

Image: Simple movement from a dollar store timer...

"Baby Springs"

Rocketman - Igor and Red Elvises

The Weeds At Hand

Image: Dollar store Kitchen Timer...    Image: Timer movement...    Image: Timer going train...

Open Mic Stage: Cross Country Indie...
Lucky 7 (Demo) - Reagan Youth    Another's Treasure - Doubleplus Alright    Somebody's Daughter - Libricide   

08/18-Know Your Rights Resource Fair, 6300 S Greenwood Ave, Chicago...    08/18-Polk Street Blues Festival, California to Post Streets, SF...    08/19-Prop 64 Resentencing and Reclassification Clinic @ Magnolia Oakland...    08/21-Sing Along Yellow Submarine @ Castro Theatre, SF...

Benitez Ground Floor

Image: Detail from the first Benitez patent...   

One More Tune:
Pray for Sex - Men in Grey Suits

Magnetofunky No. 84 - August 10, 2018,    Duration: 35:53

Image: Open voltage reading from the Cockcroft Walton Voltage Multiplier...

"Yeah, The Bedini Is Just A Toy"

Get Him Out - SWEVENS

21st Century Benitez

Image: CW detail...   

Open Mic Stage: Late Summer Indie...
Hate To Say - BOWERS    Brotherhood - Slam Caesar    Gone - Asyst   

08-11-National Day of Civic Hacking, Code for America, SF...    08-15-Solving the Black Maternal Heath Crisis, Ancient Light Studio BK, Brooklyn...    08-15-Remaking Rent Control, Impact Hub San Francisco...

Crank Parts Is Parts

Image: More speed testing the rotor wheel. This is the slowest tuned RPM...    Image: ...And this is the fastest I can tune the wheel to...   

One More Tune:
Truth & Lies - OUT OF PLUMB

Magnetofunky No. 83 - August 03, 2018,    Duration: 38:09

Image: Cockcroft Walton Voltage Multiplier, by Chetvorno...

"Charge Pumps and Going Gears"

The Entitled - Dos Trios

The CW

Image: balance wheel...    Image: big gear, little pinion...    Image: Before Cockcroft Walton, there was Grienacher's Doubler...

Open Mic Stage: Coast to Coast Rock...
Thunder Love - THE RITUALISTS    Critical Mass - Libricide    Willie Mays - The Arabs   

08/05-Rally against Hate @ Ohlone Playground and Greenway, Berkeley...    08/07-Spike Lee @ TheTimesCenter, New York...    08/08-Rights for Refugees @ HRC, SF...    08/09-Register New Citizens to Vote @ Paramount Theatre, Oakland...    08/09-Bay Area Queer Zine Fest Benefit @ Club 21, Oakland...

Power Valve Check

Image: 200 Ohms on the left, 50 Ohms on the right for the big booster...    Image: The big booster charge wire after soldering...    Image: This double-clip power pack plus an extra clip should be portable enough for a go bag or backpack...

One More Tune:
Fall Blossoms - Libricide

Magnetofunky No. 82 - July 27, 2018,    Duration: 37:21

Image: Reflective tape and marker flag on the rotor wheel for the speed test...

"The Inverter Do-Si-Do"

06-The Hell Is Close - MEDI HEAD

It's The Watts, Not The Amps

Image: 2 12V 35Ah batteries will well support a 400 - 600W inverter...   

Open Mic Stage: Beat and Flow From Iran, Just Because...
Intro (Sokout) - Bahram    Tape - Planet V    Fall Down - keyvan kamali   

07/28-3GT Investigates: Birth Rights @ Z Below, SF...    07/29-Last Sunday Poetry Reading @ Brewed Awakening, Westmont IL...    07/30-Facing Up to the Global Housing Crisis @ World Affairs, SF...    08/01-Homes Without Landlords @ CDP Oakland...    08/02-Doctors Without Borders Recruitment Info Session @ Neyborly, Berkeley...

Power Valves and A Speed Test

Image: The DC Doubler moved from the breadboard to perf board...    Image: The perf board connections...    Image: The power valve out lines for the mini me and the big boosters...    Image: The first speed test of the Bedini rotor...    Image: My 6 Ohm 50W resistor is still out, but the Berkley store said 25W would work ok...

One More Tune:
Weird Fishes (Radiohead Cover) - Moonhead

Magnetofunky No. 81 - July 20, 2018,    Duration: 36:34

Image: Dionysius Lardner (1858) Handbook of Natural Philosophy: Mechanics, Walton & Maberley, London, fig.325, p.355...

"Old School Spring Motors"

Chant Of The Moon - Voodoo Suite

Alternative Crank

Image: 120-year-old tech...   

Open Mic Stage: A few Lunar Variations...
Moon - Out of Sorts    The Dark Saint of the Moon - lietoofine    THE NEW PLANET - Translunar   

07/21-Beach Poets @ Loyola Beach, Chicago...    07/21-Bob Lawrence Launches Latest Book @ TallGrass Open Mic, Chicago...    07/22-Nuestras Raices - Oakland Youth Rise @ East Side Arts Alliance, Oakland...    07/22-Postcard-writing Happy Hour @ Tommy's Joynt, SF...    07/24-Bring Solar To Affordable Housing in Berkeley!...

Bedini Rectifier

Image: Voltage doubler on the perfboard...    Image: The baby booster cap with the rectifier...    Image: The mini me with the rectifier still doesn't spin the big motor...

One More Tune:
Moon - Uriel Rivera

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