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Episodes 100 - 91

Magnetofunky No. 100 - November 30 2018,    Duration: 36:37

Episode Transcript

Image: A still from the prep test video; the Benitez-1 switch running, almost ready for Coefficient of Performance testing...

"It's Just A Number"

100 Pieces - urban jack

Circuit Diagram Weeds

Image: The circuit diagram for the mini-booster...   

Open Mic Stage: Alternate Takes...
100 White Lies - Brandon Varsity    100 Days - Roby Mackie   
In 100 years All New People - AMPAGE

12/02-Howard Zinn Book Fair - Fighting for the air we breathe, CCSF Mission Campus    12/06-100 under 100 Group Art Show - 4th Annual @ Fleet Wood SF    12/06-Corazón del Tiempo Film Screening for Zapatista Middle Schools @ Omni Commons,  Oakland    12/07-Tech Done Right Demo Night, Oakland Museum of California   

Benitez Build Edits

Image: The pulley wheel with a North and a South facing magnet...    Image: The orientation of the third diode in the diagram is confusing - is it the outside set or the inside set? You shouldn't have to take an electronics class to get this right (and this is the only diagram that has a component around two corners)...    Image: The flipped diode soldered in place...   

One More Tune:
100 Times - Soapbox Army

Magnetofunky No. 99 - November 23 2018,    Duration: 33:47

Episode Transcript

Image: The PNP transistor connections - Base, Collector, Emitter...

"The After Dinner"

Revolution - Black Stardust

Loose Ends

Image: Filling in a loose end on the build...    Image: The clothesline pulley wheel with the hole rodded out to 5/16 inches, next to a rubber well nut that screws onto the 3/16 inch motor axle...   

Open Mic Stage: Turkey Talking Points...
In Cages - gods&guns    Lone Wolf - Scarpaw's Blood Band   
Border - Wolf Dimension    Rebellion - sXe

11/25-Anti-Gentrification Free Store @ Leimert Park Art Walk, LA    11/29-Marx's Capital Study Group @ DSA, SF    11/29-Close read - Decolonization is Not a Metaphor @ Moishe House Oakland    11/30-Voices From the Resistance @ Brava, SF   

Benitez Build Annex

Image: The 1N4007 power diodes prepped for the grounding switch on the Benitez build...    Image: The wiring secured with ring terminals because these switches are kinda flimsy...    Image: The motor in place on the board. 1 - 1.5 inches clearance is all that's needed, then the reed switch can be placed...   

One More Tune:
Antifa - 99 posse

Magnetofunky No. 98 - November 17 2018,    Duration: 34:57

Episode Transcript

Image: Thanksgiving.com_Carnitas-style turkey tacos made with leftover Thanksgiving turkey...

"Shredded Turkey"

Skinalow Full length - Coupstick

Second Base Benitez

Image: The battery wiring now done is half the battle...    Image: A 5/16 diameter steel rod fits the blender motor frame, just in case I have to build a rotor for this Attraction Motor...   

Open Mic Stage: Mostly First Nations Beats...
NISAKIHTAN KIYA KISOSKATOWIN - The JOHNNYS    Standing Rock - Stevierigsby    Burn - The Black Owl Society

11/19-W4tB-Annual LHM Poetry Wheel and Cassaundra Bingaman @ Uncharted Books, Chicago...    11/19-Public Banking 101 @ Alley Cat Books, SF...    11/19-Join the Movement Presents - A Benefit for Puerto Rico @ The Chapel, SF...    11/20-End the War in Yemen Rally @ Pelosi's Office, San Francisco Federal Building...    11/22-The Truth about Thanksgiving: A Tribute to Indigenous and African People @ Uhuru Pies, Oakland...   

Booster Box Drafting

Image: Laying out the design specs for the booster box panels......   

One More Tune:
Native - Grizzleboogie

Magnetofunky No. 97 - November 10 2018,    Duration: 41:29

Episode Transcript

Image: Photo by Jeremy Bishop at Unsplash... - ...

"Damn Right It's A Blue Wave"

Walk On Fire - Indarra

Half Steps

Image:  The Benitez-1 with batteries mounted for wiring. 16 gauge proved too thick for the switches...    Image:  A triple-tap transformer for the Benitez-7 build...

Open Mic Stage: All Submitted Tunes...
I Stir It Up-2 - K Gizzle    No Money For Jack - Handtruck    Drowning - Stereoship    Two Separate Worlds - Indarra

11/11-Science Film Festival @ Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley...    11/13-Humanity in Artificial Intelligence @ World Affairs, SF...    11/14-40 Under 40 Young Women Professionals League Award Ceremony @ DuSable Museum of African American History, Chicago...    11/14-Planning with Native Communities @ USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, LA...

Booster Box Cuts

Image: The mini-booster box mock up with service ports open...    Image: A rough idea of a compartment for spare AA batteries...    Image: Grounding outlet for the booster box...    Image: 18 gauge wire for the Benitez build, a half-hour store run instead of three hours...

One More Tune:
Eye On You (album mix) - Front Line Assembly feat. Robert Görl

Magnetofunky No. 96 - November 02 2018,    Duration: 35:23

Episode Transcript

Image: Control panel possible layout for the mini-booster...


Medicine (Ft. La Mer) - ERASERFASE

Attraction Distraction

Image:  The damn rotor coil, now just a wire and glue monster hobby project...   

Open Mic Stage: Cali Funk Experimental...
Starfish, Starfish -  Model Americans    Magnetize Yourself - Handtruck    Out of the Dark - Graham Czach    Brand New Day - Wait For Green

11/07-Discussing Peoples Temple @ California Historical Society, SF...    11/08-AfroTech 2018, SF...    11/09-San Francisco Transgender Film Festival 2018 @ Roxie Theater...

Booster Box

Image: A vertical view of the mock up looks better...    Image: The Benitez-1 switches ready...

One More Tune:
TreeToOne-Transisthor - TreeToOne

Magnetofunky No. 95 - October 26 2018,    Duration: 33:35

Episode Transcript

Image: This is as far as I got designing an enclosure for the mini booster before dealing with the damn rotor...

"Coefficient of Performance"

La China - Zakke

Not Heat Pumps

Image:  Basic formula...   

Open Mic Stage: Beltway Beat and Flow...
DON'T STOP - Band Of Roses    Lovers in Lullaby - FIVES    Underneath - Thieves and Lovers

10/27-AFROLIT Youth Literacy Conference @ Laney College, Oakland...    10/29-UCOT (Unintended Consequences of Technology) World Forum @ Fairmont San Francisco...    11/01-Kickstarter Campaign to Build Giordano Bruno Statue @ Luminaries of Pantheism Mural, Venice Beach...

Damn Rotor

Image: Goodies from the blender circuit board...    Image: The blender rotor before modification...

One More Tune:
Gravity - The Frontier

Magnetofunky No. 94 - October 20 2018,    Duration: 33:31

Image: An assortment, courtesy

"Halloween Surprise"


The Attraction Weeds

Open Mic Stage: Politically Spooky Zeitgeist...
There's Something At The Pool At Adventure World - Surf Rabbits    Monster - Stone Dust Engine    Surf Monster (instrumental) - Lovalon

10/20-2018 BayviewLIVE Festival, SF...    10/21-24th Annual Días de los Muertos Celebration @ Oakland Museum of California...    10/24-Q&A: Rent Control and Your November Vote, 12 Noon, KQED...    10/24-Elizabeth Marino @ The World Stage, LA...

Real Enclosures

Image: 100V 1F supercap...    Image: My Frankenstein lab-style knife switches...    Image: Plastic for a DIY electronic enclosure...

One More Tune:
Pretty Zombie - Zombie Surf Camp

Music Bed:
Prison, Dragged Into The Dungeon - Dethcentrik

Magnetofunky No. 93 - October 12 2018,    Duration: 38:51

Image: This motor doesn't rely on back EMF to run a load...

"Attraction Motor Detour"

Blast Off - Bad Ass Beauty

Smells Like Bedini

Image: The motor in the ESTC 2018 Conference Benitez demo...   

Open Mic Stage: Blatantly Political Beats...
Mother of Exiles -  Mind`s Eye    Austerity Song - Handtruck    Uprise - DEAFBOUTIQUE    You're No Man Of God, Sir - Post Nuclear Trash

10/12-Free Concert by Meisha Herron @ Barrel Oak Winery, Delaplane, Virginia...    10/13-My Hero Academia Cosplay Cafe @ Preservation Park, Oakland...    10/13-Black Klansman, With Author Ron Stallworth @ Alamo Drafthouse SF...    10/14-3rd Annual Say No Bullying Festival @ Griffith Park, LA...    10/15-W4tB Weirdo Open Mic Featuring Charlie Newman @ Uncharted Books, Chicago...

Straight Mini

Image: The mini booster with conventional output terminals...    Image: The back view of the mock-up mounting...    Image: The front view, showing a place for the safety capacitor to perch...

One More Tune:
Evil as God - The Whiskee Shakes

Magnetofunky No. 92 - October 06 2018,    Duration: 33:44

Image: A simple small motor gearbox, courtesy

"It's The Gearbox, Stupid"

Type Cast - Bad Ass Beauty

Grab Bag

Image: Small motor gearbox...    Image: The ESTC 2018 Conference Benitez Demonstration Cart, Peter Lindemann, D.Sc....

Open Mic Stage: Hard Global Grooves...
Bangkit Bersama (feat. Morgue Vanguard) - JERUJI    Stop Me (Demo) - Dead Day Revolution    Ass On Shoulders - Bad Ass Beauty

10/06-MIA Documentary @ Roxie Theater in The Mission...    10/10-The Color of Law w/ Richard Rothstein @ Brava, SF...    10/11-Litquake 2018 - Opening Night @ The University Club of SF...

Mini Build

Image: 4cell battery clip for the booster...    Image: The doohickey 90% done...

One More Tune:
Set Me Off - Papa Roach

Magnetofunky No. 91 - September 29 2018,    Duration: 33:46

Image: A mock-up of the mini booster on perfboard...

"Benitez Weedz"

The Storm in the Hourglass (This Wicked Tongue) - Tina V

Switch 7 + Mini Booster

Image: The fast-switching UF4007 power diodes came in early, so the mini booster build is on...   

Open Mic Stage: Uk, Toronto Alterntive...
Far Away - Utility Muffin    Fragmented - Vault    Silent Destruction - Kármán Line

09/29-Anti-Bully Workshop @ One Martial Arts SF...    10/02-Books and Resistance @ CIIS Public Programs, SF...    10/04-Special Screening - The Silence of Others @ Museum of Tolerance, LA...

Gear Stack

Image: The gears in a toy kit - worm gears, crown gears, single and double reduction gears...    Image: Still from the video 'How to make mechanical system from plastic gear - DIY Mechanical System' from YouTuber Power Creative...

One More Tune:
I Walk - Utility Muffin

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