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Episodes 110 - 101

Magnetofunky No. 110 - February 09 2019,    Duration: 35:55

Episode Transcript

Image: Diagram found on Instructables page Super Simple Ignition Coil Drivers...


Black Noise - Down Pat

The Weakest Link

Image: The relay switch has reached its limit with the Benitez...   

Open Mic Stage: Black Beat

Remember The Times F/ Jus' Black - C.O.    Life and Times of the Broke and Black - Be    soul power - Nayot

02/09-U.S. Hands Off Venezuela Rally @ Lake Merritt Columns, Oakland    02/10-Poverty Scholarship /POOR Press Book Release @ City Lights Books, SF    02/14-The Third Reich in the United States @ SFSU

Breadboard Time

Image: Beginning the Benitez-8 build on an actual breadboard...   

One More Tune:
Black People - JP3

Magnetofunky No. 109 - February 02 2019,    Duration: 43:14

Episode Transcript

Image: The second test after working on the spark gap...


quel bail de ouf (what a lease of phew) - les probo

The View From The Power Plant

Image: Old school coils used in radio transmission before vacuum tubes...   

Open Mic Stage: Eclectic Paris Sounds
No One's Illegal - Louis Lingg and the Bombs    Savoir Qui Je Suis (Know who I am) - Black Limon    waiting for love - domprod    Gimme More (Britney Spears cover) - CRaWLeR    Grindstone - Louis Lingg and the Bombs

02/02-Black Deaf Expo 2019 - San Leandro    02/05-Chicago Communities Mayoral Forum    02/05-SF Green New Deal Launch Party @ Manny's, SF    02/08-Making Black Lives Matter in New York City Schools @ Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York

The View From The Torus

Image: For now the spark needs a .5 mm gap to work at all...    Image: All the Mini Tesla Coil bare wire connections had ring and fork terminals added...    Image: Cutouts marked for the switch and the LED...    Image: The power switch and light is in a good spot to save wire length to and from the booster, and to keep the low and high power wires well separated...

One More Tune:
People of the night - Escape from Paris

Magnetofunky No. 108 - January 26 2019,    Duration: 46:48

Episode Transcript

Image: Current reading now barely changes with or without the lamp load plugged in...

"Benitez-7 Calibration"

Rituel - She Past Away

Just Gotta Climb That Hill

Image: Using a 24V relay switch, three 9V batteries and a power outlet, I whipped this up in about 20 minutes - AC power in a pinch...    Image: The Benitez-7 battery switch diagram modified for the B-8...    Image: For the Benitez-8 induction/spark coil, I decided not to jury-rig an interrupter out of scrap, instead I'll use one of the 24V relay's ready-made interrupters without the coil...

Open Mic Stage: New Singles
Something's Coming Over Me - Noble Savages    Pillars - JXA    Wild Animal (Drumless Version) - Hante    We're Not the Only Ones - Amalgamation

01/26-F*** Your Hair World Premiere & '63 Boycott Screenings @ Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago    01/26-9th Annual Whale Fest Monterey 2019    01/28-Suicide Prevention for Black boys @ Sisters Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center, New York    02/01-Ch. 4. The Future of Truth @ The Embassy Network, SF

CoP Tweaking

Image: The current read from the first half of the first Coefficient of Performance shakeout test from A to B battery banks, too damn high...    Image: After having problems with the terminal block connections during the second CoP test, I switched to a Bussmann type terminal strip for test no. 3...    Image: Added ring terminals to secure the loose relay wires...

One More Tune:

Magnetofunky No. 107 - January 12 2019,    Duration: 41:16

Episode Transcript

Image courtesy iStock...

"28 Days Later"

Stranger - PYRA

Half and Half

Image: The Benitez-7 now works properly in both directions...   

Open Mic Stage: UK Indie
Falling For A Stranger - The Mona Lisas    Drunken Love Songs - Tuesdays Secret    Spike Milligans Tape Recorder - The Membranes    Unclean Animals - Blank Fiction

01/19-Volunteer Solar Installation Orientation, Burlingame Main Library    01/22-The Healing Power of Doulas, SF    01/23-Shout Your Abortion Book Tour @ Women & Children First Bookstore, Chicago    01/24-Mythbusting Intersectionality @ The African American Policy Forum, NYC

And B-7 Crosses Home Plate

Image: The new switch could be placed on the front panel...    Image: it has a smaller footprint, or it could go on the underside of the top panel...

One More Tune:
Miss Lonely Hearts - The Pink Diamond Revue

Magnetofunky No. 106 - January 12 2019,    Duration: 38:40

Episode Transcript

Image: Full pic of the Benitez-7 working, but now only on first base...

"Wiggle 1.5"

Pure Adrenaline/Ruff - eddy

Split The What?

Image: pic from the Emedia Press article Poor Man’s Split the Positive Battery Swapper by RS Stafford...    Image: The Bedini switch 7 diagram with added contacts from the two relay switches acting as the induction coil...

Open Mic Stage: Indie Big Beat
A Problem With My Love - Ray Elle    Hatevol - Front Line Assembly    Stuck Between The Trivial And The Impossible - Vertacyn Arc Materializer

01/13-Alternatives to Calling Police-White Supremacy and the State @ Skyline Community Church, Oakland    01/17-Marching Orders @ BRIC, Brooklyn    01/17-How Some Countries Are Solving Climate Change @ Climate One, SF    Advance Notice-ONYXCON SANKOFA 2019, 02/16-17, Atlanta

Benitez-7 First Base

Image: The control panel with the rocker power selection switch. I'm replacing that with a big slide switch after all...    Image: I got a well-seasoned but solid leather belt from the neighborhood thrift store for the permanent booster box belt... Image: In the Sat. wee hours I got the relay switch wired right (wiggle 1.5) and got the transformer working...

One More Tune:
Bonnie and Clyde - A.Sil

Magnetofunky No. 105 - January 05 2019,    Duration: 46:28

Episode Transcript

Image: Closeup of Benitez-7 diagram. This tuning knob is the wrong one to wire...

"Wiring The Right Knob"

NatGeo - Vertacyn Arc Materializer

3 Wiggles

Image: The auto relay switch wired in 'wiggle 1' configuration for the Benitez-7...    Image: The auto relay switch wired in 'wiggle 2' configuration for the Benitez-7. The white curlique wire represents the capacitor to the common ground...

Open Mic Stage: Guitar Variations
It's Setting In - BoogieDoo    No One Told - Stereoship    The Fear (Mary Vaughn Vocals) - Randy Raatz Band Mistified - Octopolis

01/05-Protest Against National Chains on Ocean Front Walk in Venice, LA    01/05-Witness at the Texas Border, Berkeley Zion Presbyterian Church    01/08-Public Forum on CA's New Privacy Law @ Milton Marks Auditorium, SF    01/09-Mass mobilization to tell Oakland school board no cuts no closures

The Booster Backside

Image: The mini booster mounted to the base fits just under the front panel outlets...    Image: The Mini-Tesla Coil looks great finished, but it's not working yet...

One More Tune:
10327 - FTR

Magnetofunky No. 104 - December 28 2018,    Duration: 39:32

Episode Transcript

Image: The auto relay switch will hopefully bridge the wiggle room in the two different diagrams...

"Fork in the Weeds"

CLOUDS - Kwame

The Triple Tap Returns

Image: The triple tap transformer, re-mounted and wired for use in the Benitez-7...    Image: The Benitez board prepped for switch 7 - the first iteration's motor switch and circuit is removed, leaving the A1 and B1 battery positive wires...

Open Mic Stage: Hot Aussie Mix
Just Another Number - Mount Pl3asant    Slimeball - THE SKATEGOATS    Liar - The Stiff Nips    The Red Sea - Pointbreak Spy Not Happy John - radio caroline south

12/30-1st Annual Kwanzaa Cookie Contest @ Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum, Sacramento    01/01-Sacred Sounds at the Kava Lounge SF    01/01-02-45th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon Reading @ The Poetry Project, NYC    01/03-The Democracy Chain @ L.A. City Hall

The Easy Booster Part

Image: The front panel of the booster box with DC and AC outlets installed...    Image: The battery holder supports are done...

One More Tune:
chaos live @ backroom - tokyo beef

Magnetofunky No. 103 - December 21 2018,    Duration: 32:52

Episode Transcript

Image: The finished Mini Tesla base - battery side. On the top, the bottom secondary wire is stripped and wrapped around the counterpoise bolt and ends under the aluminum tape...

"Tesla on Third Base"

Kemir Beni - She Past Away

Crash and Burn No. 2

Image: The battery layout on device no. 7...    Image: This transformer placement on the Benitez board is much better for the outlets...

Open Mic Stage: Hey Larry!
Hard - Ray Elle    WNDW - Rivr    Soluk - She Past Away

12/22-Drag Queen Storytime @ Alameda Free Library    12/25-Bridgewatch Christmas Day 2018    12/28-Telegraph Open Mic @ Nomadic Press, Oakland

Waiting For Toroid

Image: The Mini Tesla base plate components pre-wiring. The spark gap supports went in straight, the machine screws decided to tilt on their own...    Image: Al Lasher's had 2-cell AA battery holders and little DPDT's for a basic on-off switch...    Image: The finished base - capacitor bank side...

One More Tune:
Queen - A.Sil

Magnetofunky No. 102 - December 14 2018,    Duration: 33:39

Episode Transcript

Image: The triple-tap transformer is wired up and ready to be placed on the Benitez-1 to make it a 1(7). This is where I would mount it...

"Benitez Crash Test"

Hello - Black Stardust

Continuity Detour

Image: After the transformer crapped out, I used the coil from an LED bulb...   

Open Mic Stage: A Couple Submitted Tunes..
Rebuild - Chet & His Alter Egos    The Beauty - A Primitive Evolution

12/15-Gun Buy-Back SF @ United Playaz, SF    12/16-Legalize Affordable Housing Everywhere Mtg 1 @ 1260 Mission St, SF    12/18-Pop-Up African Market @ Stonemill Matcha, SF    12/20-Pedagogy of the Oppressed reading group @ DSA, SF   

Battery Impedance Weeds

Image: The acrylic Mini Tesla plates before the 1/4 inch drill bit made a mess...    Image: The finished Mini Tesla base...    Image: The iconic Tesla coil secondary...

One More Tune:
Gamma Ray - Octopolis

Magnetofunky No. 101 - December 08 2018,    Duration: 37:02

Episode Transcript

Image: The clock movement for the spring motor...

"The Coefficient Loophole"

Public Radio Deadbeat - Octopolis


Image: Still from the Plasma Channel video...    Image: The circuit board for the Mini Tesla Coil...

Open Mic Stage: A Hard Blue Set...
Republifucks - Mind`s Eye    WTFIWWM...../product/mubz-beats - realkingK   
Glad Im not white(FUCK NAZIS) - Difference of Opinion    GOP-God Over Politics - Columbine Christ

12/08-East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest 2018 @ Omni Commons, Oakland    12/11-LAFLA Expungement Clinic @ LA Law Library    12/11-Lynn Fitzgerald @ The Gallery Cabaret, Chicago    12/13-Pack the Chamber! Hearing on the Public Bank Task Force @ SF City Hall, Room 250   

Benitez 1(7)

Image: A spherical magnet with proper orientation seated in a screw pot metal case...    Image: The transformer for the Benitez-7...   

One More Tune:
Small Price To Pay (For Pussy) - Octopolis

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