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Episodes 120 - 111

Magnetofunky No. 120 - April 19 2019,    Duration: 40:42

Episode Transcript

Image: I'm on holiday...

"Spring Break"

Phantom - Blonde Toledo

Break Time

Open Mic Stage: Beach Blanket Indie

Uzakta - She Past Away    When The Dam Breaks - Giant Flying Turtles    Manitou Clear (Smoke That Meth) -  Dethcentrik    Sedition_DanielMyerRemix - BLACK LINE

04/23-Astronomy Live - Gaia and the Milky Way, American Museum of Natural History, NYC    04/24-Armenian Genocide Commemoration - 104 Years @ Mt. Davidson Cross, SF    04/25-An Evening of Thalassic Poetry at the Maritime Museum, SF    04/27-Kate Hutchinson Reading & Poetry Open-Mic @ Coffee Speaks, Highland Park, Illinois    05/01-Writing like you don't care what people think, SF Creative Writing Institute    05/02-Can Rap Bridge the US-China Culture Gap?, Wework Fine Arts Building, LA

Break Time...

One More Tune:
Illuminate - Indarra

Magnetofunky No. 119 - April 12 2019,    Duration: 39:26

Episode Transcript

Image: The opening screen of circuit simulation program TINA-TI...

"Spring Fever"

More of It - Apache Tomcat

LTSpice Sucks

Open Mic Stage: Garage Bands

Record Collection - The Congregation    Up on the mountain - Thee Irma & Louise    What's In A Name - Let Me Crazy    THAT'S JUST NOT ME - tommy tommy tommy

04/16-The Future of Human-Centered AI, Stanford    04/17-State Interference - When Governments Manipulate their Citizens @ Bloomberg Beta, SF    04/20-420 Hippie Hill 2019, Golden Gate Park, SF


One More Tune:
Nightmare Calling - Second Rate Kings

Magnetofunky No. 118 - April 06 2019,    Duration: 36:43

Episode Transcript

Image: Still from video HALBACH ARRAY How to double the power of magnets...

"Halbach Detour"

Blood Money - Brandon Carter

Antigrav Clickbait

Open Mic Stage: Hard Spring Mix

Green Eyed Monster - Dirty Denimr    American Blonde - Dreamgirl    WASTED (v 1) - Mallory Doone    Sol-1 - Sol Minor

04/08-Artists Resisting Gentrification, Brooklyn Historical Society    04/08-How Do You Pay for Affordable Housing, A BeaconTalk, SF LGBT Center    04/13-People's Park 50th Anniversary Part 1, Berkeley

Not The Kitchen Sink...

Image: The first output inverter variation...   

One More Tune:
Stoners In Humboldt - Potluck

Magnetofunky No. 117 - March 29 2019,    Duration: 43:01

Episode Transcript

Image: Example of an LTSpice simulation, from ltwiki...

"Controlling The Spice"

Familiar - A Haunt We Go

Simulator Baby Steps

Image: The 555 timer astable circuit with components updated from the Alexkor schematic...   

Open Mic Stage: Spring Indie Newness

Dark Places - The Frontier    Insanlar - She Past Away    Down the Line - Thieves & Lovers    Long Live the Dirty South - Black Angel

03/30-All Out for Gaza, 24th St Mission Bart Station, SF    04/02-Oakland Short Film Festival 2019 @ The New Parkway, Oakland    04/02-Black Futures Lab and the Black Census Project, Inforum at the Commonwealth Club, SF    04/03-Queeriosity: Writing + Performance Workshop @ Qulture Collective, Oakland

Pin 3 Inverter...

Image: For now, sticking with this output inverter/transistor switch for the Benitez-7.5...   

One More Tune:
I Want U But I Cant Have U - SHADDOW

Magnetofunky No. 116 - March 22 2019,    Duration: 43:30

Episode Transcript

Image: The updated resistors and the other 10nF cap swapped into the circuit...

"Alexkor Yellow Card"

Circuits End Cicadas - ABANDONspree

Free Energy Foul

Image: Alexkor circuit updated...   

Open Mic Stage: Spring Submissions

Lil Momma  - PhiL n' Nem    Hold The Flag - Giant Flying Turtles    opening up - muet Government Is Authority And Authority Is For Nazis - Dethcentrik    taking back control - WOUNDEDSPiRiT    Ghosts - Salerosa

03/23-The Cave Artist Talk with Michael Warr and Mark Sabb @ Swim Gallery, SF    03/26-SURJ Movie Night @ Marin City Library, Sausalito    03/27-America in Transition- Special Screening for TDOV 2019 @ NEW PEOPLE, SF    03/28-Essential Media Skills for Artists, Activists & Curious Citizens @ E. M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore, Oakland

A Sparkless Gap...

Image: Meanwhile, the Benitez-8 circuit's power transistor gets a heat sink to perch on...   

One More Tune:
Jeff Goldblum - Aurora Bream

Magnetofunky No. 115 - March 15 2019,    Duration: 33:47

Episode Transcript

Image: The finished magnetically quenched spark gap apparatus on the Benitez-8....

"Ides All Around"

Gods Among Men - Jojo Abot

The Checklist

Image: Alexkor circuit detail...   

Open Mic Stage: SXSW Bootlegs

Summon The Fire - The Comet Is Coming    Children - Chastity    Big - Fontaines D.C.

03/17-A Reading at SFPL for Lawrence Ferlinghetti's 100th Birthday    03/19-Tomorrow Will Be Different, UCLA Friends of the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, LA    03/20-Greg Grandin's The End of the Myth, First Cong. Church, Berkeley    03/22- alifornia Counts - Strategies for Reporting on the Census, Center for Health Journalism, LA

Watching Paint Dry...

Image: The next day results from cone dipping...    Image: The Benitez-8 with all the wiring finished, including the cut-off switch...

One More Tune:
TAO - yahyel

Magnetofunky No. 114 - March 08 2019,    Duration: 33:27

Episode Transcript

Image: The first Alexkor battery charger circuit breadboard diagram, from A Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices by Patrick J. Kelly...

"The Alexkor Assist"

Cancers - roomofwater

The Re-Re-Invented Wheel

Image: The Alexkor circuit with coil added and the resistors swapped from 2 watt to 1/4 watt sizes...    Image: To adapt the circuit to handle two batteries in series, the 'A' side enters through a voltage divider that cuts 24V to 12V. The 'B' side batteries connect via the yellow wire...   

Open Mic Stage: Spring Indie

Cash Cow - Hippie Johnny    leather jacket perfume - muet    Channel 37 - ABANDONspree

03/09-UndocuFest 2019, El Rio, SF    03/10-Reading - Darius James' Negrophobia @ Alley Cat Books, SF    03/11-Town Hall with Mayor London Breed - Districts 5 and 8 @ SF LGBT Center, SF    03/11-Albany Park Poets Open Mic @ Nighthawk Cafe, Chicago    03/15-Green New Deal Create-a-thon @ Citizen Engagement Laboratory, Oakland

Benitez-8 on 3rd Base

Image: The cone magnets came in, ready for spark gap mounting...    Image: The panels prepped for drilling the magnet holes...

One More Tune:
Looking for a Body - Jeromy Darling

Magnetofunky No. 113 - March 02 2019,    Duration: 39:29

Episode Transcript

Image: A spark gap jig holds the frame in place for mounting. Brass wood screws as electrodes, following Tesla specs...

"Quench Class"

Gremlins - Angry Bear

Going To The Horse's Mouth

Image: A spark gap jig holds the frame in place for mounting. Brass wood screws as electrodes, following Tesla specs...    Image: The post- spark gap components in rough mounting position...    Image: Half inch x half inch magnets with one North tip and one South tip for the spark gap, following Tesla specs...

Open Mic Stage: Pacific Rim Stage

Music Box - GEN    Billy Bob and Ephedrine - The Props    Euphorium(Trance Remix Feat. NK) - THE TAMERS

03/03-Thresholds 20 year Anniversary Reading @ Heirloom Books, Chicago    03/03-Free Max Harris, Oakland Metro Operahouse    03/05-Action Night for SB 24 for Student Access @ Naral Pro Choice California, SF    03/08-International Women’s Day Conversation, Manny's, SF

Benitez-7 Passes Go

Image: I decided to swap out the 1K resistor for a 200 Ohm, and instead of the diode or a regular bipolar transistor I installed the IRF510 MOSFET to resolve the connections...    Image: The moment of truth test of the Benitez-7 using a 555 timer. The board didn't smoke, the IC took the two different voltage sources just fine, the battery charging function is ok, but the LED power meter indicates 6.8 - 7V going into the 12V positive rail...

One More Tune:
Swimming Pool Everywhere - Shihui

Magnetofunky No. 112 - February 23 2019,    Duration: 33:30

Episode Transcript

Image: The guts of a 555, from - 555 Timer Basics Lesson...

"The Benitez-7 Weeds"

NSA (No Suckerz Allowed) - Cee Knowledge and Cosmic Funk Allstars

Little Eureka

Image: As a safety feature, I made another run to Al Lasher's for parts to make a 555 tester...    Image: The Benitez-7 circuit complete with B1 positive line connected to the rail, and A1 positive connected to the RC circuit. The pin 3 output is routed through a default 1K Ohm resistor and a 1N4007 diode to the 12V supply line to oscillate the transformer on the B1 line...

Open Mic Stage: Inbox Indie

Dionysian Eyes - Johnny child of God    Be With Me - K Gizzle    On The Brink - Krown

02/23-Sankofa Days at The Bay @ Aquarium of the Bay, PIER 39, SF    02/27-Best Practices for Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace @ Planned Parenthood Los Angeles    03/01-The Rise of Surveillance Capitalism @ Roulette, Brooklyn

Benitez-8 on Second Base

Image: Testing the ignition coil continuity. Most ignition coils should have a primary resistance falling somewhere between 0.4 and 2 ohms. 1.8 is fine...    Image: The Benitez-8 circuit complete with the 10K pots connected and the ignition coil primaries wired...

One More Tune:
Goin Down - Cee Knowledge and Cosmic Funk Allstars

Magnetofunky No. 111 - February 15 2019,    Duration: 49:44

Episode Transcript

Image: Modified circuit detail - A1 positive to the RC circuit, B1 positive to the IC input pin...

"Wading in Virgin Weeds"

Down The Road - Set The Controls

I Got Your Split Positive Right Here

Image: My circuit modification of the 555 Astable Oscillator for both Benitez systems...   

Open Mic Stage: Very Indie

I Have No Reason - Crawfish Kings AKA Crawfish Killers    Mother You Are Lucky - Post Cinema    Crimes of the Innocent - Rogue Poet    M - SHADDOW

02/16-Free Move Your Money Workshop @ Berkeley Public Library West Branch    02/17-Stacie Williams In Conversation with Tara Betts @ 57th Street Books, Chicago    02/21-The 54th Annual Commemoration for El Hajj Malik El Shabazz @ Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center, NYC

Murphy's Law Backup

Image: B-7 parts detail...    Image: For the B-8, the 10 Ohm 25W rheostat with a 15 Ohm 25W big-ass resistor added in series to the wiper terminal turns 1 - 10 Ohms resistance into 15 - 25 Ohms resistance. Those two big 5K Ohm potentiometers can be replaced with the 1K pots used in the Bedini motor...

One More Tune:
From the Heavens - ABANDONspree

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