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Magnetofunky No. 160 - Apr 17, 2020,    Duration: 47:01

Episode Transcript

Image: My DIY bikepacking handlebar rig...

"Essential Business"

Airborne 2 - Erik Wøllo

Face Mask Etquiette

Open Mic Stage: New Cuts...

Loophole - Mercury and the Architects    Ghost Colored - lovesliescrushing    space - mira

No Zoom...


Image: Since the REI store was closed, I couldn't go buy the handelbar harness I put in my wish list, but comparing the $100 and up models to the DIY harnesses, I decided to play off two or three different examples for design elements and made what I hope is tough, flexible, waterproof and should easily carry 10 - 15lbs. of camping gear...    Image: These are my camp stoves: two very basic tuna can type alcohol stoves (10 oz. and 5 oz.), and my mini rocket backup stove for burning wood...    Image: With my cart attached, the bungee hitch allows a little bit of side play, but a little duct tape on the ends of the plastic grip should fix that. The dog collar serves as a safety strap; another would be better...    Image: Much better than the bangle bungee hitch... I went back to the hardware store for nylon lock nuts for the eyebolts, in case of vibration, but the thread didn't match, so if needed I'll try lock washers...   

One More Tune:
Illusion of Duality -  Jarguna

Magnetofunky No. 159 - Mar 18, 2020,    Duration: 36:14

Episode Transcript

Image: The official sort-of-lockdown notice sent by Mayor Breed today...

"Shelter In Place"

X - Rotersand

Frontcountry, Backcountry, Slackcountry

Image: I found this 5A CC CV DC converter on sale from Hong Kong eBay and ordered two. This will work with 22Ah batteries...    Image: TThe 5A boost buck converters just came in. After wiping down the box it came in, my doorknobs and lock, and keychain, then washing my hands, I opened it up, took the doohickeys out,washed my hands again, then admired the components that have 10A fuses, not 5...

Open Mic Stage: New Cuts...

DEVIL - Then Comes Silence    I Call You - NIGHTCRUSH (from Discovery 2 - unsigned band collection)    She ran so far away that she no longer can be found - Black Tape For A Blue Girl

Closed Until April...

First Gear...

Image: The trunk bag side panels expand into panniers. The velcro straps underneath and in front attaches to the rack, and tie-downs secure the pannier bottoms to the rack frame...    Image: For coffee, I picked the small and lightweight GSI Coffee Rocket, a one-cup pour over unit that doesn't need a filter...

One More Tune:
Tongue Tied - Nubia

Magnetofunky No. 158 - February 29, 2020,    Duration: 40:14

Episode Transcript

Image: Testing the backup 12V 7Ah battery - powers the inverter just fine...

"Long Leap"

In Air, It Seems - Forrest Fang

Three Short Runs

Image: The DC transfer switch added to the board...   

Open Mic Stage: Hard Eclectic...

Rollex - KGizzle   
Human - Die Krupps    Fucks To Give - Boski   
slowdrive - Parker Rose

Super Tuesday Bots Galore...

One Long Run...

Image: Testing the backup 12V 7Ah battery - powers the inverter just fine...    Image: The A battery bank voltage level over five hours...

One More Tune:
I wish you could smile - Stoa (a tribute to Black tape for a blue girl)

Magnetofunky No. 157 - February 14, 2020,    Duration: 00:11

Episode Transcript

Image: The heat sink did actually help reduce the small amount of radiated heat from the component... -


F.U. - Die Krupps

Bike Stuff First

Image: The bike trailer design, a DIY bamboo copy of the Burley Travoy trailer. While I search for bamboo, I can make a pvc mockup. Source: see YouTube and Instructable 'How to Build a Bicycle & Hiking Trailer with Bamboo - BooTec'...    Image: The first two bamboo poles for the trailer - about 1.5

Open Mic Stage: Tough Love For A Tyrant...

Reprobate - The Holy Ghosts    When You're Evil (2020 remaster) - Aurelio Voltaire    We Lose The Night - Then Comes Silence

02/17-Wake Zuck Up at His House on President's Day, SF    02/22-Beyond Contempt - How Liberals Can Communicate Across the Great Divide, Book on B, Hayward   

It's Baked In...

Image: Calibrating the second converter...    Image: Current set, and a reminder to get another cheap multimeter...    Image: With the phone charger connected, the current draw is 1.8A...    Image: This is the voltage reading of the two batteries while the ammeter is connected...    Image: The final straight-charge test on Wed. began with the topped off 'A' run battery and a practically flat 'B' charging battery...

One More Tune:
Black Forest - Jarguna - Seetyca

Magnetofunky No. 156 - February 02, 2020,    Duration: 45:11

Episode Transcript

Image: The MTB when I got it in 2016...

"Bug Out Bike"

The Fix Is In - Brian Andrew Marek

West Coast Walkabout

Image: General purpose street/offroad tires. Not putting them on until after I get some riding in...    Image: The rear rack for panniers and a cargo trailer hitch mounted on the end...

Open Mic Stage: Tunes for Angry Chair Dancing...

King Evil - Frailed Sanity    Evil King - 686    Welcome to the Blackout - Die Krupps    Conviction - Velvet Acid Christ

02/02-Cannabis Prisoners' National Fast Day, Within and Beyond the Prison Walls    02/05-Speak-Out Against Another Charter School on Radioactive SF Treasure Island, SF City Hall Rm 400   

Mobile Studio...

Image: The 25W boost buck converters arrived early, so the lab is back up on Monday...   

One More Tune:
Overthrow The People (Edited Version) - Un World Life

Magnetofunky No. 155 - January 20, 2020,    Duration: 34:26

Episode Transcript

Image: Reading the split current through the boost converter; anything over 2 Amps is bad...

"The Baker's Dozen SitRep"

FTP - Bidar Record

Making Mistakes Faster

Image: An intact and a blown 3A fuse...   

Open Mic Stage: Hip Hop Mostly From Iran......

Zirzamin - Mashkook    Lady Medicine - EDRAAK / ادراک    Don't Lose it -  AsEm AK

King Day events on Monday, Anti-War Marches Saturday...

Bucking Horse With No Saddle...

Image: After de-soldering and re-soldering, the 4A boost coverter modules are done and ready for shakedown testing tomorrow morning - the 4A and a 3A fuse in the mini holder...    Image: Half of 3.89A, minus 300mA, is a booster current of 1.645A, more than enough to charge the battery bank...

One More Tune:
Go Shit - The Dutchess

Magnetofunky No. 154 - January 10, 2020,    Duration: 00:28

Episode Transcript

Image: Eliminating the B positive line and sending the boost converter input ground wire to the negative switch allows the charge controller solar input to fully activate...

"The Last Glitch?"

Smoke Rings - Forrest Fang

Damn Three-Way

Open Mic Stage: Hard Tunes for a Hard Week...

It's Gonna Get Loud - TREZ MACHINE    Lights Out - Sonsombre    ScuzzFuzz - Nervous Pulp    Rural California - Guido & His 2nd Cousin

01/12-What Is Socialism & What Good Is It, ICSSMARX, Oakland    01/14-Poetry at The Gallery Cabaret - Effie Day, 2020 N Oakley Ave, Chicago    01/15-Oakland Privacy Meeting, Omni Commons, Oakland    01/17-Perils of 5G - WiRED Panel Discussion, north Berkeley

Solar Buck...

Image: With the charge controller solar light on the power loop is unkinked...   

One More Tune:
Dick and Weed - BOCO

Magnetofunky No. 153 - January 03, 2020,    Duration: 31:28

Episode Transcript

Image: Fried diode - a feature of the Lindemann/Friedrich circuit design of the Benitez patent that had to debugged...

"One Long Hump Day"

HUMP DAY (Slypex Trap Remix) -  Slypex

Splitting the Crossover

Image: The mini V-A meters came in days early (with the different wire sets that are common nowadays)...    Image: The power distribution nodes mounted and glued in place...

Open Mic Stage: Hump Tunes...

Hoochie Hump - Mr. Lisp    Drum Hump - The Indigenous Funk Rebellion    Hump Day - James Creel

01/05-UUSF Sunday Forum - The US Needs A Marshall Plan For Central America, U U Center, SF    01/09-Protest at Facebook HQ, Menlo Park    01/11-Reflections on Exile - Opening Reception, Root Division, SF

Combining the Negatives...

Image: By powering the meters separately, the system might tolerate the ammeter shunt and continue charging the batteries normally...    Image: The negative crossovers in a 'combining the negative' layout that resolves the 'splitting the positive' layout at the front end of the circuit...   

One More Tune:
Bar Hump - Emergency Pullout EPO

Magnetofunky No. 152 - December 27 2019,    Duration: 00:05

Episode Transcript

Image: The system with no in-line current meter does charge the 'B' side, but that's not good enough...

"The Next Wall To Climb"

Black Heart - Keritsu

Run-40 Rule

Image: The clip leads updated with 18 gauge wire...   

Open Mic Stage: Fresh J-Rock...

I'm Yours And I'm Hers - SHOKA OKUBO BLUES PROJECT (formerly BLUES SISTERS/RESPECT)    Sing it all our days - SECONDLADY    postlude - FLOWER FLOWER

01/01-New Years 2020 Great Highway Polar Plunge World Naked Bike Ride, SF    01/04-Slingshot issue 131 article Deadline and first reading, Long Haul infoshop, Berkeley

Back to Third Base...

Image: The charging battery only went up by 100mV; the volt-amp meter is too much for the system...    Image: The system with no current meter does charge the 'B' side, but so what?......   

One More Tune:

Magnetofunky No. 151 - December 20 2019,    Duration: 43:05

Episode Transcript

Image: The 100W Benitez-8 Self-Charging Power Plant is 5-by-5, here running the 90W laptop on the crackerbox 150W inverter...

"System is 5 by 5"

Carol of the Drum - Sue Hutton and Athan Maroulis

Shakedown Redux

Image: I wasted time by installing a 6 Ohm 50W resistor, thinking to limit the current going into the 2A booster, so I had to replace it with the fuse...   

Open Mic Stage: Underground LA...

The Celestial Diver (III. Traceries) - Forrest Fang    Best Life - Boski (Boco from LA)    Vicious - K Gizzlel    Lovesliescrushing - a tribute to Black tape for a blue girl

[No dates this week, only a short rant...]

Slight Hitch...

Image: The RC low pass filter, which didn't work at all...    Image: A properly sized resistor after the diode with a SPDT switch to send charge to the proper side...   

One More Tune:
Set 'em Rollin' - Minton Reed

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