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Magnetofunky No. 155 - January 20, 2020,    Duration: 34:26

Episode Transcript

Image: Reading the split current through the boost converter; anything over 2 Amps is bad...

"The Baker's Dozen SitRep"

FTP - Bidar Record

Making Mistakes Faster

Image: An intact and a blown 3A fuse...   

Open Mic Stage: Hip Hop Mostly From Iran......

Zirzamin - Mashkook    Lady Medicine - EDRAAK / ادراک    Don't Lose it -  AsEm AK

King Day events on Monday, Anti-War Marches Saturday...

Bucking Horse With No Saddle...

Image: After de-soldering and re-soldering, the 4A boost coverter modules are done and ready for shakedown testing tomorrow morning - the 4A and a 3A fuse in the mini holder...    Image: Half of 3.89A, minus 300mA, is a booster current of 1.645A, more than enough to charge the battery bank...

One More Tune:
Go Shit - The Dutchess

Magnetofunky No. 154 - January 10, 2020,    Duration: 00:28

Episode Transcript

Image: Eliminating the B positive line and sending the boost converter input ground wire to the negative switch allows the charge controller solar input to fully activate...

"The Last Glitch?"

Smoke Rings - Forrest Fang

Damn Three-Way

Open Mic Stage: Hard Tunes for a Hard Week...

It's Gonna Get Loud - TREZ MACHINE    Lights Out - Sonsombre    ScuzzFuzz - Nervous Pulp    Rural California - Guido & His 2nd Cousin

01/12-What Is Socialism & What Good Is It, ICSSMARX, Oakland    01/14-Poetry at The Gallery Cabaret - Effie Day, 2020 N Oakley Ave, Chicago    01/15-Oakland Privacy Meeting, Omni Commons, Oakland    01/17-Perils of 5G - WiRED Panel Discussion, north Berkeley

Solar Buck...

Image: With the charge controller solar light on the power loop is unkinked...   

One More Tune:
Dick and Weed - BOCO

Magnetofunky No. 153 - January 03, 2020,    Duration: 31:28

Episode Transcript

Image: Fried diode - a feature of the Lindemann/Friedrich circuit design of the Benitez patent that had to debugged...

"One Long Hump Day"

HUMP DAY (Slypex Trap Remix) -  Slypex

Splitting the Crossover

Image: The mini V-A meters came in days early (with the different wire sets that are common nowadays)...    Image: The power distribution nodes mounted and glued in place...

Open Mic Stage: Hump Tunes...

Hoochie Hump - Mr. Lisp    Drum Hump - The Indigenous Funk Rebellion    Hump Day - James Creel

01/05-UUSF Sunday Forum - The US Needs A Marshall Plan For Central America, U U Center, SF    01/09-Protest at Facebook HQ, Menlo Park    01/11-Reflections on Exile - Opening Reception, Root Division, SF

Combining the Negatives...

Image: By powering the meters separately, the system might tolerate the ammeter shunt and continue charging the batteries normally...    Image: The negative crossovers in a 'combining the negative' layout that resolves the 'splitting the positive' layout at the front end of the circuit...   

One More Tune:
Bar Hump - Emergency Pullout EPO

Magnetofunky No. 152 - December 27 2019,    Duration: 00:05

Episode Transcript

Image: The system with no in-line current meter does charge the 'B' side, but that's not good enough...

"The Next Wall To Climb"

Black Heart - Keritsu

Run-40 Rule

Image: The clip leads updated with 18 gauge wire...   

Open Mic Stage: Fresh J-Rock...

I'm Yours And I'm Hers - SHOKA OKUBO BLUES PROJECT (formerly BLUES SISTERS/RESPECT)    Sing it all our days - SECONDLADY    postlude - FLOWER FLOWER

01/01-New Years 2020 Great Highway Polar Plunge World Naked Bike Ride, SF    01/04-Slingshot issue 131 article Deadline and first reading, Long Haul infoshop, Berkeley

Back to Third Base...

Image: The charging battery only went up by 100mV; the volt-amp meter is too much for the system...    Image: The system with no current meter does charge the 'B' side, but so what?......   

One More Tune:

Magnetofunky No. 151 - December 20 2019,    Duration: 43:05

Episode Transcript

Image: The 100W Benitez-8 Self-Charging Power Plant is 5-by-5, here running the 90W laptop on the crackerbox 150W inverter...

"System is 5 by 5"

Carol of the Drum - Sue Hutton and Athan Maroulis

Shakedown Redux

Image: I wasted time by installing a 6 Ohm 50W resistor, thinking to limit the current going into the 2A booster, so I had to replace it with the fuse...   

Open Mic Stage: Underground LA...

The Celestial Diver (III. Traceries) - Forrest Fang    Best Life - Boski (Boco from LA)    Vicious - K Gizzlel    Lovesliescrushing - a tribute to Black tape for a blue girl

[No dates this week, only a short rant...]

Slight Hitch...

Image: The RC low pass filter, which didn't work at all...    Image: A properly sized resistor after the diode with a SPDT switch to send charge to the proper side...   

One More Tune:
Set 'em Rollin' - Minton Reed

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