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Episodes 180 - 171

Magnetofunky No. 171 - September 21, 2020,    Duration: 48:40

Episode Transcript

Image: You know what it's for...

"Mourning Jog"

Hot ashes [Stigmata Remix] - Rotersand

Misc. Limbo...

Open Mic Stage: Hot and Chill Electronic Beats

Let Yourself Go [Beatsole Remix] - U96 solo    Elephant Step - Forrest Fang    Whatever [Video Edit] - Rotersand    Water Pod - Forrest Fang    Focus is Fate - The Twilight Garden

No Time To Despair...
Image: Last week's Calfire map with the three wildfires closest to SF, all caused by lightning, now contained... Image: Nurse Dan Wooten, who exposed the 'Uterus Collector' doctor and the genocidal Nazi-style government policy towards immigrant women... Image: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Sarah Silbiger | Getty Images

Misc. Limbo...

One More Tune:
Transhuman - U96 and Wolfgang Flur

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