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Episodes 190 - 181

Magnetofunky No. 190 - August 27, 2021,    Duration: 41:16

Episode Transcript

Detail from CA state park map...

"Tour Bible Part 1"

Smashmouth - 1300

Tour Bible Baby Steps

Brochures with hike & bike campground maps, the beginnings of my travel bible...    -

Open Mic Stage: From The Triple J Charts

UBER (feat.M7) - Drowzee    50km - RATSALAD.    R0LL1N' H1LLZ - Shady Nasty    PEGS - Tonix


Rabid Dog Days

The accomodating Afghan Army that waved the Taliban through. Image - WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images    My ballot to prevent 15 months of calculated chaos in California and a flipped Senate...

Outside The Frame

1 - 1.5 inch cargo straps would work well to tie down the frame's base...    A 1 inch space to tie the middle shelf to the side rail...    The one-hole corner brackets were too tight to fit the acorn nuts, so two-hole brackets will do. The acorn nuts wound up being nickel, so just keep 'em from getting wet...    At the grocery store I saw these little $2 bottles of nasty fruit/vegetable boost drinks. They cost around the same as the little nalgene bottle I already had for my small seasonings set...

One More Tune:
I'm Too Sexy Two - Horton Jupiter

Music Bed:
Winter Tide, Part 1 - Erik Wøllo

Magnetofunky No. 189 - July 19, 2021,    Duration: 41:21

Episode Transcript

The complete handlebar harness bed setup for bikepacking... -

"SitRep 15"

Something That's Different - Garza

Post Stimulus Report

A chart of which metals have a safe or corrosive galvanic reaction when wet. Zinc and Galvanized Steel rods, nuts and washers are good, for ex...    At the local home improvement store I looked for the first pieces of the cargo frame and didn't find floor/ceiling flanges or elbow fittings, just these zinc plated 1/4 in. threaded rods and zinc hex nuts - $6.40 for this much... -

Open Mic Stage: New July Tunes

Got Me Down - Stereoship    Atrium - Lorenzo Montana    The Brink - Jeromy Darling


Windows 11 Can KMA Until 2023

Windows 11 can suck it...


07/20-Red Carpet Premiere of STRUNG! @ State Theatre, 316 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD

Tweaking The Gear

An almost full ziploc bag of kitty litter, a new pack of baby wipes and a small roll of plastic wastebasket bags fits in the space of a 5 gal. bucket when another bucket is nested on top, allowing a full sized porta potty...    The handlebar harness carrying all the tent and bivy parts bikepacking style, a little over 10lbs...    The bug bivy pole re-purposed from the pvc cargo frame mockup...    Vintage Oscilloscope for sale...

One More Tune:
Taking Action - K Gizzle

Music Bed:
Secret Bath - Lorenzo Montana

Magnetofunky No. 188 - June 28, 2021,    Duration: 46:40

Episode Transcript

Face masks I don't have to wear outdoors anymore...

"15 Months Later"

Summer Is Ours - Garza

Dynamo Discord

Biologic Joule 3 Dynamo 26 in. Front Disc Wheel. $200  on Ebay, generates 6V, 3W...    VELOGICAL High End Rim-Dynamo. $180-200 (including power system, plus shipping). Mainly for lights...

Open Mic Stage: Fresh Eclectic Sandwich

Sky Full Of Diamonds (Metrik Remix) - Hybrid    Reinvention of Pain  - Mildreda    Too Many Times - Salt Ashes    Threshold - Omnipower Beat Lab    Used to Miss You (R3HAB Remix) - Allegra


15 Months Later

Face masks can go back to being sculpture dust masks for carving alabaster, but not marble..    The bike nomad beard I'm working on...

Power Banks

My preferred gear - a solar power pack that can charge a phone as it's being charged. Avg price $40 for 10000mAh, $60 for 20000mAh...

One More Tune:
The Event - My Wall

Music Bed:
Towards the Blue Horizon - Erik Wøllo

Magnetofunky No. 187 - June 14, 2021,    Duration: 52:03

Episode Transcript

Ebike battery RIP. Image courtesy Zach Rutta...

"Ebike? No Thanks"

Seeweeds - The Illies

The Next Horse

Open Mic Stage: Surf Season

Sun - Long Shore Drift    The Cooler King - Thee Icepicks

Transit of Venus - Knarle Tide    Suddenly With Force - NEGRA    Serotonin - The Closers

Death Surf - NEGRA    Zombies Don't Surf - The Phantom Playboys


Beltway Tag Team

Three Wheel Upgrade

One of the tadpoles I like - HP Velotechnik Gekko 26 Sport Trike

One More Tune:
Valhalla - Dark City

Music Bed:
Agartha - Jarguna

Magnetofunky No. 186 - May 31, 2021,    Duration: 33:42

Episode Transcript

Image - The Cocos Fire burns in San Marcos, California, in 2014. Mike Blake / Reuters

"IOU A Power Grid"

Punching Bag - Mercury & The Architects

Investor Owned Utilities

CAISO might manage the state's grid, but who's name is on the light bill?   

Open Mic Stage: A Few New Tunes

Follow Me - K Gizzle    World on Fire (Clan of Xymox remix) - A Cloud of Ravens


Memorial Traitors

Image - U.S. Army photo/Elizabeth Fraser. Public Domain

Cargo Frame Overhaul

An example of cargo tie downs for a small to medium stone - Light Duty Strap Anchors from Lowe's can handle up to 400 lb loads...    Design detail for middle shelf stone space (10x10x10 inches with strap anchor placement), and bottom shelf battery space (18x6x5 inches with strap anchor placement)...

One More Tune:
Nothing Prevails - Information Society

Music Bed:
Zone One - Forrest Fang

Magnetofunky No. 185 - May 16, 2021,    Duration: 43:34

Episode Transcript

Image - vencavolrab, Getty Images/iStockphoto...

"Solar Bottleneck"

Save Yourself - The Neverlutionaries

Mega Batteries

The Moss Landing battery storage project under construction near Monterey, California in October. Image - from video courtesy of EKM Metering...    -

Open Mic Stage: Fresh Spring Electronica

The Infinity of a Wildflower - Polly Fae    Felt Like Rain - Audionautix    Lovers - Clan of Xymox    Nails - Hybrid


It's Still Jan. 6th...

Batshit seditionist MT Greene...    New Dixiecrat Joe Manchin...    New Dixiecrat Kyrsten Sinema...

Frame Set...

The dry-fit frame's rack with camp chair and mockup camp table...

One More Tune:
The 8th President - Kirlian Camera

Music Bed:
Ohm - Audionautix

Magnetofunky No. 184 - May 01, 2021,    Duration: 41:22

Episode Transcript

The CAISO (California Independent System Operator) runs the state power grid...

"The Fragile California Grid"

Dark Beat 95 - Hiromick / Koeyk Shima


The CAISO is one of 7 grid managers in the US   

Open Mic Stage: Japanese Experimental Grooves

Desert Stars Glittering - xrcjpx    The first greeting - tt-vox    this brane - 0x1    Swing Low - Jerry Gordon    Wave for 9 Lines - Pollypraha


Mask Countdown...

Cargo Box...

When hitched to the bike there's 1 to 2 inches of wheel clearance -  no issue if I'm on level road or pavement, or even slightly rough ground..    A rough view of how the cargo fits in the new trailer...

One More Tune:
Black Butter Part 1 - Black Butter

Music Bed:
Ouroboros - Jarguna

Magnetofunky No. 183 - April 17, 2021,    Duration: 39:09

Episode Transcript

The generic Tylenol I've been taking each day for the vaccine side effects...

"Under Observation"

Eazy Sleazy - Mick Jagger with Dave Grohl

Waiting Period

The top axle mounts are set on the cart frame, less conspicuous now. The dowel rod mockup actually matches the steel axle length, which places the 10 inch wheels in line with the trailer wheels...    The top tube bag's phone pocket exactly fits the Moto G Play, and allows touchscreen use...    Everything fits inside the new hip bag for fixing a flat on the road...

Open Mic Stage: Brand New Beats

Quarantine Blues - Tombstones In Their Eyes    Test - K Gizzle    HARDCORE HAPPY - THE BLOSSOM


Vaccine Sabotage...

Killer cops from a rotten tree. Image - Christian Mang/Reuters...    Vaccine sabotage as political strategy. Image - Reuters...    04/22 - Earth Day Climate Action Town Hall, 6:30 PDT, Zoom

Digital Nomad Gear...

Digital nomad gear for phone and Internet - Moto G Play...    Digital nomad gear for info - Midland ER210 Emergency Weather Radio...    My backup 100W DC-DC Boost Buck Converter for the mobile power plant...    The non-cargo trailer bikepacking-only pole will ride in the handlebar harness...

One More Tune:
Woke Fuckboy - Mum Friends

Music Bed:
The Anchor Tree (Release) - theAdelaidean

Magnetofunky No. 182 - March 29, 2021,    Duration: 47:14

Episode Transcript

One benefit of the stimmy - rain fenders on the bike...

"Mad Stimmy"

Mama - EXO

Gear Upgrade

A windy, sunny Tue. road test of the loaded front rack, along with the installed fenders....

Open Mic Stage: Korean Alt Beats

Alpha Centauri (working title) - And The Skies Opended Suddenly    Broken Down - 13th Personality    Static Dreams (Demo) - Diverge to Zer0


Vaccine Countdown...

Biden rules, reporters drool at his first press conference...    Georgia Gov. Kemp signs Jim Crow voter stealth law...    Vaccines ramping up. Getty Images...   

Trailer Upgrade...

Rambo R180 Aluminum Bike/Hand Cart, so far my only luxury purchase. The hitch works with a rear rack, and the cargo area is big enough to carry everything on my relatively short cargo list, plus it doesn't scream 'homeless' like the shopping cart does...   

One More Tune:
Euphorium(Trance Remix Feat. NK) - THE TAMERS

Music Bed:
Music from Korean Traditional Shamanic Dance

Magnetofunky No. 181 - March 12, 2021,    Duration: 44:09

Episode Transcript

COVID relief bill passed 3/10...

"Pivot Point"

Super-Man - Kyaw Htut Swe (aka 'KhS')

Rack Set

Once the hose clamp area is wrapped with more electrical tape, the top bracket is set, secured and bolted down. Extra M6 nuts and washers were still needed before the acorn nuts were added...

Open Mic Stage: Burma Beats

Ur_My_Sunshine - thu rain    Skunx - Skunx    Sai Sai Kham Hlaing ft. Amara Phone - TOOTOOT    mynewdj1 - eikattie


50 Days In...
The President signing the bill.    Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland. AP/Boston Globe...    Vaccines ramping up. Getty Images...   

Front Load...

The left hand rack basket with the end loops dry fitted with painters tape, ready to go onto the rack...   

One More Tune:
Hlan Kha' Tot Chit Kyin Phaw Yayy - DJNayMyo

Music Bed:
Waterfall - 4T Thieves, Virtual Vistas - Pandacetamol, from The Electric Home (Kahvi Collective)

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