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Episodes 191 - 200

Magnetofunky No. 197 - December 27, 2021,    Duration: 44:03

Episode Transcript

The Great Highway along Ocean Beach. Image - Fiona Lee, sfgate...

"Course Correction"

Lady Brett Ashley - Ladybread

The New Format

The new 'Itinerary' segment will cover all things in a speculatively navigational fashion...   

Open Mic Stage: Cinematic & Wonky Beats

Argon - Andu Simion    Ronin - EXETEXE    Ragemaker -  iVardensphere


World War³

Cargo Set

The roller duffel stuffed with the normal camp gear plus the bike gear. There's enough room left for the folded solar panel...    The analog oscillator I bought almost exactly three years ago became a Xmas present to a guy who was stoked to get it to use with his musical instruments. Cool...

One More Tune:
Silently - Elise Morris

Music Bed:
Forever Cascades - Forrest Fang

Magnetofunky No. 196 - December 13, 2021,    Duration: 44:12

Episode Transcript

The first campsite to reserve is on Angel Island after I see the dentist. Image - Taras Bobrovytsky, Wikimedia...

"Camp Detour"

Sex - Victoria Darian & Alexei Kalinkin

Tooth Distraction

An example of one of the Angel Island hike-in campsites...   

Open Mic Stage: New Tunes Sent and Found

Control - BEAUTIFUL MACHINES    Violence! - Ladybread    Anhedonia - Exempt From Gravity    Porcelain - Principe Valiente


Unfinished Business

The Casual Theft-Proof Trailer

A weatherproof and casual theft resistant addition to the cargo frame - a lockable container that can be bolted or glued to the middle shelf...    After many previous headaches with large duffel bags, I picked a rolling bag for convenience. This model is 36 x 15.5 x 15.5 inches...    The type of bike/motorcycle alarm I'm looking at - WSDCAM waterproof model. Will probably get two; one for the bike, the other for the trailer...

One More Tune:
Our Little Hearts Like Saturn - Studio Noir

Music Bed:
Dawn - theAdelaidean & deepspace

Magnetofunky No. 195 - November 29, 2021,    Duration: 35:19

Episode Transcript

An example of a rooftop cell tower that might be on my SRO. Photo - The Verge.

"Leftover Thanks"

Pilgrims - Thousand Yard Prayer

Signal Interference

Whatever is on the SRO roof screws up everybody's conectivity...   

Open Mic Stage: A Brief Seasonal Reminder

ThanksTAKING - Lyricold    Trail of Tears... - Louis Lacey    William S. Burroughs - A Thanksgiving Prayer


Premeditated Self Defense

Killer Rittenhouse. Photo -  Twitter/@KanielaIng...    Lynch mob trio found guilty of murdering Ahmad Arbery. Photo - -

Camera Rig

The pricey camera rig is complete, waiting for a sunny morning to test ride up to Golden Gate Park...    On Turkey Day weekend I took a ride up to GG Park to test the camera rig. Here's the video...

One More Tune:
Damaged Goods - La Roux

Music Bed:
Pools - Benjamin James Stewart

Magnetofunky No. 194 - November 08, 2021,    Duration: 34:40

Episode Transcript

The easiest bike trail to practice ride - Embarcardero to the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge...

"Pre-Launch Crawl"

Flick - POOKIE

Campsite Shrinkage

The well-known Marin Headlands has a number of moderately hilly bike trails that are packed on the weekends...   

Open Mic Stage: Aussie Spring 21

Beta Gods (Ft. NERVE) - DREGG    Okie Dokie Oh My Goodness. (feat. Wesley Black) - Tobias    Terrorwave - Live Conform Die


Semi Doldrums

Slow Clearance

The Alcatel Linkzone 2 mobile hotspot took a week of drama to work properly, and even that is barely above dial up speed on the laptop...    Three Saturdays and my donations to the Salvation Army is done, even though the guy was too lazy to fill out the last receipt...

One More Tune:
dread ahead - Jack Slade

Music Bed:
Dawn Sounds - Serena Gabriel (featuring Steve Roach)

Magnetofunky No. 193 - October 18, 2021,    Duration: 38:03

Episode Transcript

The eye nuts for securing the 60W solar panel to the top rail...

"The Other BLM"

Insane - K Gizzle

Bureau of Land Management Bust

The California Atlas Landscape Map does more for me as a bikepacker than the BLM...   

Open Mic Stage: Spirited

Month Of Sundays - Elise Morris    I Was - Ludovico Technique


DIY Stimulus

Pre Launch Shopping

After drilling the support rod holes and boring out the middle shelf side clamp holes, I mock fit the components to check the alignment...    The NOCO genius 2 Amp smart charger...

One More Tune:
First Light (Primordial mix) - Ships In The Night

Music Bed:
Call of the Divine (based on Raga Bihag) - Mark Seelig

Magnetofunky No. 192 - September 25, 2021,    Duration: 36:02

Episode Transcript

Current wildfires in the state, from Frontline Wildfire map...

"It Don't Feel Like Autumn"


A Lateral New Orleans Fix

The changed New Orleans land area will only get worse in the next decades...   

Open Mic Stage: No Nihilism

LOVE YOUR LIFE AWAY - Mercury & The Architects    Lotus Flower - Tearwave


Political Bullets

Non-Zoom Event:

09/26 - Carolyn Striho @ Cadieux Cafe's Mussel Beach, Detroit, 3 - 6:30 pm

Tour Bible Update

I used the dremel with a netal bit to deepen the divots, making more elbow room and a more comfortable fit...    A second check of state beaches found updated hike and bike campsites post fires...

One More Tune:
First Time - Tearwave

Music Bed:
Before Dawn - jarguna

Magnetofunky No. 191 - September 10, 2021,    Duration: 42:00

Episode Transcript

The 400 foot Avondale tower just outside New Orleans that fell and put all 8 transmission lines into the river. Image sent to station WVUE...

"8 Lines in the Big Muddy"

Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

Post-Ida Blackout

It could take at least six weeks to replace the 400 foot Avondale tower just outside New Orleans. The 2000 miles of transmission line is another matter...   

Open Mic Stage: Indonesian Rock/Pop/Punk

Rise Up and Againts - Legacy HC    Aku Benci Pacarmu/I hate your girlfriend - LOWDICK    BUKAN KOMPETISI/Not a competition  - UNDER 18    Indah Tak Sempurna/Beautiful Imperfect - STAND HERE ALONE


Between Skirmishes

I did my part to squash the recall...    Digitally edited image of Handmaid style Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, created by Twitter user Paul Leigh to comment on Texas’ new restrictive abortion laws...    Fuck these shiteads...

Shelf Shape

The strap anchors for holding a stone...    I'm only slightly less pissed that this is the standard instead of a solid board more than 12 inches wide...    The middle shelf marked up for the stone storage space and the strap anchors...

One More Tune:
Hilang/Is Lost - Remember Of Today

Music Bed:
Earth Forged by the Sun - jarguna

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