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Episodes 191 - 200

Magnetofunky No. 192 - September 25, 2021,    Duration: 36:02

Episode Transcript

Current wildfires in the state, from Frontline Wildfire map...

"It Don't Feel Like Autumn"


A Lateral New Orleans Fix

The changed New Orleans land area will only get worse in the next decades...   

Open Mic Stage: No Nihilism

LOVE YOUR LIFE AWAY - Mercury & The Architects    Lotus Flower - Tearwave


Political Bullets

Non-Zoom Event:

09/26 - Carolyn Striho @ Cadieux Cafe's Mussel Beach, Detroit, 3 - 6:30 pm

Tour Bible Update

I used the dremel with a netal bit to deepen the divots, making more elbow room and a more comfortable fit...    A second check of state beaches found updated hike and bike campsites post fires...

One More Tune:
First Time - Tearwave

Music Bed:
Before Dawn - jarguna

Magnetofunky No. 191 - September 10, 2021,    Duration: 42:00

Episode Transcript

The 400 foot Avondale tower just outside New Orleans that fell and put all 8 transmission lines into the river. Image sent to station WVUE...

"8 Lines in the Big Muddy"

Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

Post-Ida Blackout

It could take at least six weeks to replace the 400 foot Avondale tower just outside New Orleans. The 2000 miles of transmission line is another matter...   

Open Mic Stage: Indonesian Rock/Pop/Punk

Rise Up and Againts - Legacy HC    Aku Benci Pacarmu/I hate your girlfriend - LOWDICK    BUKAN KOMPETISI/Not a competition  - UNDER 18    Indah Tak Sempurna/Beautiful Imperfect - STAND HERE ALONE


Between Skirmishes

I did my part to squash the recall...    Digitally edited image of Handmaid style Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, created by Twitter user Paul Leigh to comment on Texas’ new restrictive abortion laws...    Fuck these shiteads...

Shelf Shape

The strap anchors for holding a stone...    I'm only slightly less pissed that this is the standard instead of a solid board more than 12 inches wide...    The middle shelf marked up for the stone storage space and the strap anchors...

One More Tune:
Hilang/Is Lost - Remember Of Today

Music Bed:
Earth Forged by the Sun - jarguna

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