Episodes 1 - 10

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 10 - March 18, 2022,    Duration: 41:24

Stealth camping in the Presidio is a gamble at best with my bike and gear. Image - Google Maps...

"How Equals Where"

Baaet Ada (English Subtitle) - Mohamed Hamaki


5 Flavors of Stealth

Focusing on the urban rules of thumb for bike stealth camping, setting aside the RV, campervan, motorcycle and old school walking flavors...

Open Mic Stage: Yemen Set

Fresh | Al-Jadifahar - Experiments - El Godfather    I'm haji on myself - Salem Fadak    hakem hakemy - hakem


Cargo Mount

Working out the best method to attach the cargo container to the cargo frame for security and easy breakdown at the storage locker...

One More Tune:

JNOON N9FY 2 - MC.NIo FokaLoka FT A L N A Z E E

[Note: After posting the show I did another YouTube check and found the 10 year old video for this song...]

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 09 - March 11, 2022,    Duration: 24:41

Example of stealth camping - dunkirk france campground tent, from 50 Stealth Camping Super Tips - Bicycle Touring Pro...

"Camping Re-Focus"

Radio Active Camel Hair - Roland & Albert


Camping Clarity

Sorting the camping scenarios into leisurely touring and city-based business trips, either way it's mostly stealth camping...

Open Mic Stage: Small Submitted Set

Return of the Roughnecks - Chameleons UK   



A lot of disruptions, distractions and roadblocks in the unit while managing to get the wood shelves for the cargo frame waterproofed...

One More Tune:

Between Worlds - Lorenzo Montanà

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 08 - February 28, 2022,    Duration: 40:59

The current bike navigation and accomodation apps I'm either using or considering...

"Navi Review"

Рядок з автобіографії / A Line From Autobiography - The Telnyuk Sisters


Bike App Recheck

An updated check on android bike computer apps for touring and accommodation - anything new to add to my current collection?

Open Mic Stage: Ukraine Set

Love'n'Joy - spirit - Love'n'Joy    New Trend - Anny Sky    Inspire (Original mix) - Dj Movex    Fast fingers - Love'n'Joy    Petrichor (feat. Yossi Sassi) -IGNEA


SRO Sifting

Pretty much on pause in the bike shop, waiting for the first of the month to prep for waterproofing the cargo frame wood shelves...

One More Tune:

ROAR! - Sleep Keepers

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 07 - February 21, 2022,    Duration: 32:14

Discarded fabrics in a landfill. Image - news24, 1/18/2018...

"Spandex Dilemma"

Memento - Moki Mcfly


Spandex Nein

Tight-ass bike shorts may be a minor issue for some, but it's a big deal for me...

Open Mic Stage: blocSonic Sampler

Light 'Em Up (Vibecheck Remix Featuring Seed Verb & Sloe-T) - Timezone Lafontaine    Alone - Wals    NFT Too - Church Of Space Presents: Nu Kids OFF The Block


Engine Job

The battery box is finished for now, space is almst cleared for the bike's 'engine job'...

One More Tune:

Serpahim - Moki Mcfly

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 06 - February 14, 2022,    Duration: 32:31

To do drivetrain work on the bike, I built a portable workstand...

"Space and Time Mgmt"

Love #264 - S.O.T.E.


Cooking 102

Switching to camp style, but not ready to give up my skillet...

Open Mic Stage: Vintage Love and Lust

Pillow Lust - Tab & Anitek    Lust - Ladomir    Love & Gold - The Nucleus    Lust - intouch


Shop Prep

The battery box is finished for now, space is almst cleared for the bike's 'engine job'...

One More Tune:

Love And Desire - Frame

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 05 - February 07, 2022,    Duration: 36:41

To do drivetrain work on the bike, I built a portable workstand...

"Bike Shop Shuffle"

I Don't Fit In - Mercury & The Architects



Open Mic Stage: New Subs, More CC Tunes

No More Heroes - CM & Tha Silent Partner    The Door Is Open - Heeven Haven    The Age of Angels is Over - iVardenspehere



Two furring mounts underneath is wider than the tape outline in the back...    The bike mounted on the deluxe version. I had to move it to the hallway to take this shot...

One More Tune:

Assassin - Rafael Krux

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 04 - January 31, 2022,    Duration: 43:00

My new freewheel, part of the bike's engine overhaul...

"Flight Plan"

Shake Hands With Danger - OWTRIPLEBANG


Flight Planning

Open Mic Stage: New CC Tunes

The Dispossessed - Louis Lingg and The Bombs    Like Before - Vietnam II    The Spy - Pk Jazz Collective

DOOM - Jazz One Beats    Kalayaan Sound System - Kalashnikov and The Supreme Violence of The Time Describers


Engine Job

During the weekend before show no. 3 I went to the Decathlon store for MTB shorts and another piece of gear. No shorts, but this chain checker was a few bucks and I can always use another tool...    After drilling, I marked the orientation for the two halves...    I tried to remove the disc for cleaning, but it cracked. I installed the new freewheel for now and will add a new disc later...    A quick check with my 10-12 gauge battery cable shows ample elbow room to run the cables underneath, meaning  I don't need extra ventilation holes if I make three 0.5x1 inch cable ports in the bottom...    A baker's dozen grid of small holes within a 2.5x2.25 inch area should be more than enough venting for the top of the battery box...

One More Tune:

Dreams of Utopia - theAdelaidean

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 03 - January 24, 2022,    Duration: 37:13

My basic cook kit, for those times when I actually decide to cook dinner/supper...

"Cooking 101"

Life thats Better - Dead Day Revolution

Ground Rules

The basic cook kit packed into the trunk of the trunk bag, with a little extra room for extras. No sporks...   

Open Mic Stage: Southern Cali Guitars, Mostly

Darlin' - Project Out of Bounds    Warrior - War Twins    A Civil War - Grizzly Business    artax please! - The Body Rampant

Box Trim

The perimeter marks on sides and ends match. Drill marks 1/8 inch inside all around...   

One More Tune:
Which Way Home - David Ryan Harris

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 02 - January 17, 2022,    Duration: 31:45

City-sanctioned homeless encampment near City Hall between the public library and the Asian Art Museum. Image - Noah Berger, AP...

"Leave No Trace"

El Gifto Magnifico - The Gift of Gab

Seeing Through Nomad Eyes

You'll find individual and group homeless tents all over the city, squatting for a few weeks until the person inside wears out their welcome or gets raided by the cops, or burns themself out of the spot...    Most of these encampments are former apartment dwellers who would never be confused with a camper outside of a city...    Surreptitious shot of what could be a floating bike chop shop between locations, usually found under the freeway or a secluded back alley...

Open Mic Stage: Bay Area Punk, Rock and Hip Hop

Torn Apart - Amongst Thieves    Immigrant - Sporting Life    Make Way - Global Affront


With a regular tray as a base, the batteries just manage to fit, leaving room for eye screws into the 1x2 inch furring strips underneath. The ventilation holes will have to go in the back corners...    A rough match up of the tote and tray...

One More Tune:
everything looks like water (clay remix) - CelloJoe

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 01 - January 10, 2022,    Duration: 40:48

The Hippy Hill Peace Sign is as good an omen as any for the new direction of my show...

"New Horizon"

KÔNÔTANE (Featuring Alou Sam) - Elise Morris

Bike Bio

A bike selfie from 2018, somewhere on 5th St., downtown SF...   

Open Mic Stage: Fresh & Vintage Chill Hip Hop

Right - The Insider    Sorry - Comfort Fit    As Colorful As Ever - Broke For Free    Hotel Rodeo ft. DSpliff - Anitek    Traffic - Kai Engel

Battery Box

After weeks of searching online, I finally found a container that fit the dimensions for the three batteries - a school arts & crafts storage tray, 16x12x4 inches...    Example of a 4 foot security cable...    Anderson powerpole connectors...

One More Tune:
Islamatronic cantilliation - The Orientalist

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