Episodes 11 - 20

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 20 - June 29, 2022,    Duration: 41:45

A Gull perched on a becalmed windmill during a short ride break at Crissy Field...

"Charley Horse Sessions"

Action - K Gizzle


Bike Nomad Scout Training - Working on an informal trainig schedule...

Bridge selfie on a beautiful morning where bikes had lots of room with very few pedestrians...

Center Stage: First Summer Set

Purge (Black Asteroid Remix) - Front Line Assembly    A Whimsical Requiem for the Fey - iVardensphere


Three-Leg Walking - A little progress in the shop, a lot of walking in the foothills...

The more aerodynamic design of my new helmet is perfect for road cycling...    A fresh tennis ball tops the handlebar tent pole...

One More Tune:

sodium lights in sequence / highway, homeward bound - theAdelaidean

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 19 - June 11, 2022,    Duration: 53:54

On Election Primary Day I rode through GG Park to Ocean Beach, giving my trunk bag a shakedown...

"Scout Prep"

The Necklace ft Agent Side Grinder - Kill Shelter


Planning I - Working on an actual itinerary for stealth camp scouting rides...

An example of a basic GPS head unit - Xoss G GPS Bike Computer, many non-mapping features, around $30...

Center Stage: New Post-Punk Electro-Pop

In Consequence - Silver Walks    Devious - SPECTRA*paris    Parallel - Delerium    Chain - Then Comes Silence    Maker - Paul Roessler    Money And Sex And Death - Psyclon Nine


Planning II - The itinerary continues, with a little bike shop work...

Inside view of the switches on the battery box...    The big-ass laptop actually IS too big for the trunk bag pannier...    My bag from my mid-90's bike messenger days can be used as a laptop bag for scouting runs, and an almost 30 liter bikepacking dry bag...

One More Tune:

Hebron - Thanatos

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 18 - May 19, 2022,    Duration: 37:12

Waiting out the first week while working through a bad salad. Image: eMedicineHealth...

"Bad Salad"

Chain Reaction - Mercury & the Architects


Double Tarp and Dry Bags

A few more bikepacking prep baby steps...

Example of a 30 liter dry bag to expand my bikepacking storage space...   

Center Stage: Bike Ride Ambience

Mystique - Delerium    Starlight Stream - jarguna / Chris Russell    Inversion, part 3 - Erik Wøllo


Poop Tubes And Plastic Jars

Fixing the travel toilet issue for now; moving the battery box along...

The actual poop tube jars didn't match the store ad, not the same dimensions, but it does have a leak proof lid, and it was under $5, so I got the pair anyway...    Mockup of toggle switch placement for the battery box negative terminals...

One More Tune:

Stellaire - Paradox Obscur

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 17 - May 06, 2022,    Duration: 39:39

So much for using a 10 year old laptop as my bikepacking computer...

"Murphy's Law Walks Through"

(b) My Body Is My Body - Cooper-Moore


Second Solar

Bike-Only Touring Mode needs its own compact solar power for a laptop...

TOne example of a 40W portable solar panel for a bikepacking solar system...   

Open Mic Stage: Pro-Choice Set

Hey politician - Mastermind XS    My Body, My Choice - Basic Bitches    Not Your Choice - Wetnurse    You Gave Me No Choice - Proviant Audio


Battery Cables and Tarp Tape

More baby steps for the battery box and a crazy idea for the bikepacking tarps...

A 10 amp toggle switch on the negative cable of each battery to cut off the live terminals when not in use...   

One More Tune:

choice - atomchild

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 16 - April 29, 2022,    Duration: 34:48

My old Windows 7 laptop will become the digital nomad machine with a little tweaking...

"Touring Laptop"

No (Have You Seen God?-Who?-That Rich Bloke That Had The World Built) - Stealing Orchestra


Digital Nomad Gear Options

A round trip through the weeds looking at possible alternatives to my big-ass laptop for touring...

Open Mic Stage: May Day Music For Elon Musk

Protest Song - Derek Clegg    The Worker - Benjie Howard    Revolt! - LULA SWEET    Eat The Rich - Lower Lands


Frame Restored

The cargo frame has been adjusted and the battery box is done....

The 'A' battery terminals on the right, 'B' on the left. The D-rings originally intended to hold down a stone on a previously bare middle shelf can now hold down the battery box...   

One More Tune:

1919 Cleveland May Day Riots/ Buried in the Serpent Mounds - Fields Ohio

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 15 - April 22, 2022,    Duration: 34:40

Friday morning clouds after a whole night of rain...

"Rain Delay"

Forgotten Places - Delerium


City Casual Debrief

A few 'duh' points from my outing to the park...

Open Mic Stage: A Little More Ambient Electronics

Shroud - Delerium    Shoreline - Eko Fisk


Frame Adjustments

The frame was dismantled to make a few small upgrades...

The sculpture studio gear (minus the extra sandpaper on the left and the polishing wax inside the towel) is now in storage...    Just enough bolt left for a secure hold...   

One More Tune:

Nullum Crimen Sine Lege - Wumpscut

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 14 - April 15, 2022,    Duration: 36:32

The big Janice Joplin tree near the Peace Sign at Hippie Hill, where part of this week's episode was produced... -

"Spring Sunshine"

Monuments Of Deceit - Delerium


Trips And Traps

Time to take the show on bike trips to the park and through a few tourist traps; the other tarps I'm pursuing...

The type of ground tarp I'm looking for - GRIP 6' x 8' Extra Heavy Duty Tarp. $10, Dick's Sporting Goods...    The other tarp I never mentioned - a 6' x 8' black tarp to cover the cargo and frame while rolling, with my cargo netting tying it down. Tarps Direct sells it for $8...

Open Mic Stage: New Headphone-Ready Head Music

Morpheus - Delerium    Shadow Realms - Steve Roach


Weekend Frame

The cargo frame is done!

The washers are only mounted inside the crate...    Just enough bolt left for a secure hold...    The finished bottom of the upper shelf...    Lastly, the top rail front hardware is locked down. The cap nuts here will also get thread lock...

One More Tune:

tear me down ft. coral scere & lonely death - silver walks

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 13 - April 08, 2022,    Duration: 43:23

The camo tarps for bike-only touring (not bikepacking) are a major step forward in the Pre-Launch phase... -

"Reconfiguring The Bike Tour"

Words - Cosmic Kingsnake


City Casual Bike Mode

Figuring out the touring and training modes of bike travel, and which goes first...

The two 8x10 (really 7.5 x 9.5) camo tarps...    The Walmart portable bucket toilet, around $25...

Open Mic Stage: New Spring Atmospheric Beats

Bowling Bobolink Assist - DJ Saint-Hubert    Change - K Gizzle    A Chaos of Desire 2022 Serpent Version - Black Tape For A Blue Girl


True Frame

Slowly transforming the cargo frame from mock up to finished form...

The only way to screw the nylon nuts onto the rod forwards or backwards...    With another lock nut on top of the coupling nut and the PVC section locked into place, the extension rod will be solid, with plenty of room to secure the top rail...   

One More Tune:

Drink The New Wine - Bauhaus

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 12 - April 01, 2022,    Duration: 36:07

Samples of camouflage - Everbilt Mossy Oak Camouflage Tarp, Walmart; Six Color Desert Camo Bandana, fatiguesarmynavy.com... -

"Mossy Oak and Chocolate Chip"

Foolish Human - Tab & Anitek


The Flavors of Camo

A brief look at different types of woodland and desert camouflage...

USMC MARPAT digital woodland camo...    Bushcraft Outfitters old school woodland camo...    Bushcraft Outfitters multicam or OCP woodland camo. Very expensive...    Six Colour Desert US Army pattern, nicknamed 'Chocolate Chip', widely known from Gulf War I...

Open Mic Stage: A Dusty Foolish Set

Fool - Stoned Fire    Fool - Not Johnny    Foolish - Resist Agony


Frame Check

Dry fitting the cargo frame and checking it out with the cargo...

A first look at the shelves with the side rails and the battery box...    The acid test - the cargo crate does splay out the supports rods, but not too much....    Front view of the cargo crate with the top rail eye nuts installed...   

One More Tune:

Us, Foolish Men - Human Adult Band

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 11 - March 25, 2022,    Duration: 37:52

My stealth camping tarp tent design pick is a fully enclosed low profile square arch. Image: rollingfox.com... -

"Speed Tent"

Porcelain - Principe Valiente


Fast Tarp

For stealth camping, I discovered the tarp condo won't work...

The stealth caming tarp for the trailer will be 12x16, fully enclosed...   

Open Mic Stage: Another Transom Show

Animal Reactor - Paradox Obscur    Nightingale - Legendary Pink Dots


Survival Kit

My completely subjective review of the Veitorld Survival Kit...

The Veitorld Survival Kit...   

One More Tune:

Leaving Earth - Deepspace

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