Episodes 21 - 30

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 24 - August 15, 2022,    Duration: 43:57

Photo by Malachi Brooks on Unsplash...

"When The Detour Goes Up Behind You"

Past Life Perfection in the Arboretum of Sleep - Fields OhioS


Zone Defense - The two areas with the most road hazard challenges for bike touring...

Detail from NRDC Google map showing the fallout pattern if a Fukushima-style disaster occured at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant on March 11-12 2011...   

Center Stage: Eclectic Newness From The Inbox

Don't Be Afraid - K Gizzle    Feed the Fire ft Ash Code - Kill Shelter

Careless - A Projection    Spectre in the Pines - Fields Ohio


Shop Reopened - Getting back into a groove...

The finished ground tarp roll will easily fit in a front rack bag, but what else can go with it is the question...    Tne battery box case with both switches mounted between the batteries and the old hole double patched...

One More Tune:

Prometheus Passage - Steve Roach

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 23 - August 04, 2022,    Duration: 37:36

Spring rainfall maps help determine the Summer-Autumn fire season outlook...

"Fire Season Forecasting"

My Family Thinks I'm Crazy - HoliznaRAPS


Smoke On the Trail...

Google Map detail showing Aromas in relation to the Google Bike Route, which somewhat parallels the Pacific Coast Bike Trail...   

Center Stage: Fresh Dreampop and Hip Hop

What You Deserve - Makaih Beats    Mooneyes - Paulina Fae

Magna Crusher AFTERGLOW - kaleidoplasm    breathe - Cec Says


Quarter Of An Inch..

The double camo tarp rolled up tight can fit in the handlebar harness as the sleeping gear goes in a front rack...    The replacement backpack spacer. A lot of drama for such a small thing..

One More Tune:

High on Loungin' - Wax Lyricist

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 22 - July 25, 2022,    Duration: 30:36

My intentionally uglified and cable tied bike seat for city riding...

"The Supreme Luxury of Sitting Still"

Time Will Come - Kill Shelter


Re-Launch Window - Setting a new date to go walkabout...

Center Stage: Pulled From the Pending Pile

Varunastra (feat Brittany Bindrim) - iVardensphere


Head Unit Shakeout - Jam packed bike shop; still no backpack spacer..

TThe Xoss G GPS head unit mounted on the handlebars...    The Easyklips Mini Tarp Clips look great...    The double camo tarps laid out in the morning dew...

One More Tune:

All of This ft Ronny Moorings - Kill Shelter

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 21 - July 15, 2022,    Duration: 29:58

Alcatraz Island seen from Crissy Field on a cool foggy morning...


Channel Surf - Tab & Anitek


Training Runs - Scratch San Bruno Mt.; Sunday afternoon jaunt...

The 8-Mile Crissey Field Run, a bike training route drawn from the SFMTA Recommended Routes map...    On Sun. the 10th I rode the Embarcadero Loop. The big 'Cupid's Bow' sculpture marks the halfway point...

Center Stage: Global Surf Dusties

Surf Girls Can't Get Me Down - Naked Hassellhoff    La Surf - Chiquita y Chatarra    Surf - Ryo Miyashita

Le surf - Chocolat Billy    Nauru Surf - Bureaucratique


Molasses Quick - A little bike shop work; a little non-delivery...

Instead of ordering and waiting for red and black zipcord, I got 16 gauge speaker wire for the battery box...   

One More Tune:

Unnamed Surf Jam - The Blind Shake

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