Episodes 31 - 40

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 40 - March 15, 2023,    Duration: 46:00

The finished meal cozies ready for Tourpacking, whether dinner is bought or boiled...
"Cooking 102"

Piss - Kamikaze Council
Piss - Kamikaze Council


I'd Rather Carry A Butane Stove - Reconsidering the gear for when I do want a hot meal...

GasOne GS-800 Mini Butane Stove, just small enough to fit in the seat bag...    Working on the base of the meal cozy...

Center Stage: Fresh Aussie Punk, Funk, Etc

Booty Smashers (Mr Industry) - Mr Industry    Onwards - DeeZo    Need to Feel - lemon mouth
Booty Smashers (Mr Industry) - Mr Industry; Onwards - DeeZo; Need to Feel - lemon mouth

ATACB - The Empty Threats    Gaslighting - Scuzzface    Sex Music - Sploon
ATACB - The Empty Threats; Gaslighting - Scuzzface; Sex Music - Sploon


Rain Go Away - Another river of rain before Spring...

3/08 NOAA satellite image of the next atmospheric river approaching California...    The RAVPower PD Pioneer power bank arrived along with the latest atmospheric riverrain...   

One More Tune:

Love Funky Revolution - The Regime

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 39 - March 03, 2023,    Duration: 43:03

The South Bay almost - almost - had the overnight campsite I was looking for...
"Do You Know The Way To San Jose?"

Difribrilator - A Primitive Evolution
Difribrilator - A Primitive Evolution


South Bay Scouting - Taking one last look for a convenient camping spot in and around Silicon Valley...

BikeLink elockers at a BART station. It's arguable whether you could safely leave extra gear with the bike...    Between Monterey and Half Moon Bay there's 3 state highways linking the 1 to the 101 that goes to San Jose, but none of them are safe routes for cycling, which further rules out Silicon Valley as an overnight camping destination...

Center Stage: New Alt Rock And Electro Beats

Precious Hearts - The Birthday Massacre    Coast to Coast (feat. Phildel) - Delerium
Precious Hearts - The Birthday Massacre; Coast to Coast (feat. Phildel) - Delerium

The Occurrence at Cathedral Thirteen - CLOUDWARMER    Before the Rain - VNV Nation   
The Occurrence at Cathedral Thirteen - CLOUDWARMER; Before the Rain - VNV Nation


Segmented Gear List - I finally took a trip to Wally World for Scout Mode gear...

The excursion out to Wally World in the east bay Union Landing mall turned out as underwhelming as going to any other big box store...    I only got one item from Walmart after all - the mini tripod. I took a chance and checked the huge Best Buy in the mall and they actually had the Energizer 1-Hour charger...    There were two bike shorts advertized at Big 5 that were not or were never in stock, so I wound up getting these Canari Ultima Bike Shorts because they had gel padding, which is recommended over foam. These are strictly for hot weather or wearing under cargo shorts...    I forgot I had these two scraps of black tarp left over, so I made a couple simple dry bags to replace the liquor store plastic bags for use in Scout mode...

One More Tune:

Ace Of Spades - A Primitive Evolution
Ace Of Spades - A Primitive Evolution

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 38 - February 10, 2023,    Duration: 47:01

The beach at Fort Funston, It's at the far SW corner of the city, too close to be considered at all for stealth camping...
Image: National Park Service

"Scouting Towards Pacifica"

Black Samba - Juanitos
Black Samba - Juanitos


Peninsula Survey - The first step is taking a pre-ride satellite view of potential camp spots...

Mussel Rock, as seen from Mussel Rock Park, apparently a cool place for hang gliding and hiking, W. of Daly City...    Mori Point, a bluff that provides scenic views of the peninsula coastline. Also known for wildflower viewing in April...
Image - Lee Ball; Image - National Park Service

Center Stage: A Global Blend of Afrobeat, Chill, Electro Blues and Hip Hop

El Condor Style - VicthorA3    Afro Sax Freakout - John Bartmann    Together —​ The Sly Five Band
El Condor Style - VicthorA3; Afro Sax Freakout - John Bartmann; Together —​ The Sly Five Band

My Black Horse - Leisure-B    FREEDOM - Caslo    SomeWhere In The Dark - HoliznaCC0
My Black Horse - Leisure-B; FREEDOM - Caslo; SomeWhere In The Dark - HoliznaCC0


Back to Day Training - Stamina and stretching exercises, watching the weather, but also moving the trailer....

The trailer re-assembled and hooked up to the bike for the ride to storage...   

One More Tune:

Afro (Live in Dubrovnik) - GORIBOR
Afro (Live in Dubrovnik) - GORIBOR

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 37 - February 10, 2023,    Duration: 46:34

Sibley Backpack Camp northeast of Oakland, the only hike and bike campsite found so far in the East Bay area...

"The East Bay Barrier"

Dead Level - JCBL
Dead Level - JCBL


Scouting East Bay - Looking for stealth camping beyond the Oakland Hills...

Detail of Sibley Backpack Camp pic...

Center Stage: Crunchy Sonic Swirl With A Side Of Beat

Nostalgic Hip Hop | City Vlog - Alex-Productions    Illuminated River - Erik Wøllo
Nostalgic Hip Hop | City Vlog - Alex-Productions; Illuminated River - Erik Wøllo

Shadowlight - ner.ogris    Leaving the System - 1st Contact    Fight Or Flight (The Crystal Method Remix) - d3adc0de
Shadowlight - ner.ogris; Leaving the System - 1st Contact; Fight Or Flight (The Crystal Method Remix) - d3adc0de


Back to Trailer Time - Final modifications before it goes into storage...

The extended trailer hitch installed in mock up form...    For now the hex and lock nuts are dry fit to take the trailer to storage, but when it's time to hit the road, threadlock will be applied to the bolts...    The front wheel struts taped to cut down the shine and protect them from the moist ocean air...

One More Tune:

Home That Became Hell - Grahf
Home That Became Hell - Grahf

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 36 - January 30, 2023,    Duration: 55:56

The bike with Scouting gear loaded plus laptop bag...

"Scout Prep Redux"

The Water Within - Fields Ohio
The Water Within - Fields Ohio


Nailing Down Scout Gear - Working out the short shopping list, sorting out what strictly belongs in Bikepack/Touring Mode...

Center Stage: New and Recent Electro-Industrial

Friends in the Dark - Aurelio Voltaire    Across the Ocean - Twice a Man    Soffuso - Lorenzo Montanà
Friends in the Dark - Aurelio Voltaire; Across the Ocean - Twice a Man; Soffuso - Lorenzo Montanà

Higher Ground - Evendorff remix - Rotersand    Off With Their Heads - Psyclon Nine
Higher Ground - Evendorff remix - Rotersand; Off With Their Heads - Psyclon Nine


Scout Gear Roundup - Checking off the short list items...

A medium yellow safety vest easily fits over the laptop bag...    A Rothco M65 Field Jacket, a better alternative to an expensive cycling jacket/windbreaker, both breathable and water resistant even while wearing a backpack...    My Take A Look rear view mirror, clipped and taped to the visor of my bike helmet. I'll adjust the actual view when I get to ride again...

One More Tune:

Still Woke - Cloudwarmer
Still Woke - Cloudwarmer

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 35 - January 20, 2023,    Duration: 42:54

35_cover - The San Francisco Peninsula with major and minor fault lines. Image: California Fault Activity Map...
Image: California Fault Activity Map.

"Riding The Fault Line"

F3 (I wonder feat. Michele Pierre Morgeach) - Sandro Kait
F3 (I wonder feat. Michele Pierre Morgeach) - Sandro Kait


Quake Route - Where doesn't the Pacific Coast Bike Route intersect a fault?

This section of the California Fault Activity Map highlights the Monterey Peninsula with its many Quarternary, or surface fault lines...

Center Stage: Hip Hop Metal Mash

Erlail - Audiorezout    Beats to procrastine to - Paternoster Poetry    Revenge from Behind the Grave - Gigakoops
Erlail - Audiorezout; Beats to procrastine to - Paternoster Poetry; Revenge from Behind the Grave - Gigakoops

Grundar - Alexander Nakarada    Shred Metal - 1st Contact    DUCK - moonpalace
Grundar - Alexander Nakarada; Shred Metal - 1st Contact; DUCK - moonpalace


Solar Adjustment - Changing the solar panel for logistics...

This Renogy 50W 12V solar panel is very flexible, making it easier to pack down when not in use...   

One More Tune:

Shadenfreude Overdrive - Soularflair
Shadenfreude Overdrive - Soularflair

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 34 - January 10, 2023,    Duration: 38:49

Image: Jay Huang...
Image courtesy Jay Huang, CC by 2.0

"New Year SitRep"

poison control - kaleidoplasm
poison control - kaleidoplasm


Anniversary SitRep - Pondering the view in the new year...

Center Stage: Punk Soup

Herschel Walker Vampire EDM - John Lopker    Odd Future - Dilating Times
Herschel Walker Vampire EDM - John Lopker; Odd Future - Dilating Times

Gingham - Shibuya Terminal    Archy is my metal Archaeopteryx - 10 Echo
Gingham - Shibuya Terminal; Archy is my metal Archaeopteryx - 10 Echo


AC vs USB-C - Reassessing the Laptop Charger...

The laptop charger I'm switching to has an AC outlet for simplicity and expanded options...    To more efficiently use NiHM batteries I like this 1-Hour AA/AAA charger...    The SinKeu 40W Foldable Solar Panel, the most expensive of the models featured, but it's a bit larger...    The Flex Solar 40W Foldable Solar Charger, the longest of the three backpack style panels...

One More Tune:

Away From the Grave  - Sleeping Boats
Away From the Grave - Sleeping Boats

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 33 - December 30, 2022,    Duration: 39:49

Image: Raleigh News and Observer...

"Red Hat EMP"

Gothic Rock - Cloudwarmer


Insurrection Blackouts - The latest fad in domestic terror...

Image: CNN Politics...

Center Stage: Three Pair

The Haunt - Cloudwarmer    The Space Inbetween - Paulina Fae    The Ghost in the Mirror - Paulina Fae    Beneath The Leaves - Fields Ohio


I'm Sick of Buying Shit Online - Bring back brick and mortor...

Strictly looking locally, I fell back to the Public Bikes Professional Panniers - waterproof, 25L capacity. Not cheap, but a third the price of full rear panniers...   

One More Tune:

Woodland Wendigo - Fields Ohio

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 32 - December 13, 2022,    Duration: 33:54

The view without these thick lenses is actually pretty good so far...

"The View From 2nd Base"

Bones & Bees - Fields Ohio


Vision Season Cliff's Notes - Enjoying the Panoramic Post Op Recovery...

These fashionable polarized aviators came from the local dollar store...

Center Stage: Intense Ambience

Interlude - A Projection    Blood In - Psyclon Nine    Future Tribe - Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf


Xmas List - A few items from the shortlist...

The new laptop on display at the Best Buy - a relatively lower end full featured gaming machine that should let me do basic smartphone video editing and podcasting...   

One More Tune:

All The Gifts We Got Wrong (A Christmas Song) - Thanatos

Magnetofunky: Walkabout No. 31 - November 18, 2022,    Duration: 46:06

PacificaStateBeach, image by Bob 'n Renee (CC BY 2.0), Wikipedia...

"Murphy's Law Bites Bollocks"

Eden - Mercury & The Architects


No Lunch at the Beach - All good plans etc...

I installed the new saddle, and while adjusting it Murphy's Law struck...

Center Stage: Post Election Pre Turkey Mix

Alligator - Noisy    Out of Control (Nothing Left to Say–The Joy Thieves Remix) - Amulet    Fake - K Gizzle    Interrobang - Null Device    Sweet Tea, Banana Bread - Green Hog Band


A Few More Baby Steps - Pannier Carabiners, Wingnut Caps...

The diy carry bag for my scouting mode camp chair...    Gorilla tape and Gatorade bottle caps for the cargo crate wingnuts...

One More Tune:

Hypnotic - Stratosphere

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