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Magnetofunky No. 10 - March 06, 2017,    Duration: 34:14

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"What's Up With 12V Batteries?"

The Guilt of Existence - Salome MC

Making sense of the specs by sizing your SRO amp hour load first...

Open Mic Stage: Indie Music From The Iranian Diaspora
Children of Gemini - Hypernova    Raining Ice - Butterfly

03/07 - People's Planet vs. Profits, Oakland. #ResistTrumpTuesdays    03/11-12 - Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo    Genesis Science Fiction Magazine No 9
Full size: Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo, Genesis Science Fiction Magazine No 9

12V Battery Basics (article & video links in the newsletter)

One More Tune:
M.S.S.B. - All Stomm

Magnetofunky No. 09 - February 27, 2017,    Duration: 31:34

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"Mini Solar Systems"

Passport Expired - Shotshell Press

Mini Solar Hacks...

Open Mic Stage: Another West Coast Showcase
I Told You So - The Artificial Spring    Loud Talkers - The Depictions    Savages - Redshift

03/11-12 - Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo
Full size: Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo

Solar Cell Hacks, Starter Tools (article & video links in the newsletter)

One More Tune:
Be Who You've Got 2 Be - Groovy Judy

Magnetofunky No. 08 - February 20, 2017,    Duration: 29:54

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"Dawn of the Iron Age"

A Partir Desse Dia - DarkSunnBoycott Time! Radio mix  - Digital Diaspora

6V Pairs - The Matrix...

Open Mic Stage: Charged Alternative Trip Hop
Liber Mysteriorum - Oz Alchemist    Sia, We Are One - Graham Bole

02/26 - City Arts & Lectures: Edward Snowden & Daniel Ellsberg @ Nourse Theater    02/28 - Carnaval San Francisco in the Mission
Full size: Carnaval San Francisco in the Mission
Plus: The Deep End...

6 vs 12V (article & video links in the newsletter)

One More Tune:
Hunt - DarkSunn

Magnetofunky No. 07 - February 13, 2017,    Duration: 35:01

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"Hand Crank Crazy"

Boycott Time! Radio mix  - Digital Diaspora

Hand Cranks and Pedal Power for Sub-12V and full-size batteries...

Open Mic Stage: New York Indie (Mostly Brooklyn)
A Drag Queen With A Hairy Hand - Zoo X-Ray    Nothing Left (Live) - Lizard Kisses    Bang Bang - Shinobi Ninja

02/14-17 - People's Convergence on Congress ASAP!
Full size: People's Convergence on Congress ASAP!
Plus: The Deep End...

Stepper Motors, Bike Generators, How to make a Joule Thief (article & video links in the newsletter)

One More Tune:
Theme From Mean Season - Rench

Magnetofunky No. 06 - February 06, 2017,    Duration: 31:50

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"Bronze Age Power Packs"

Ready - Raw-G

Sub-12V battery packs (AA, AAA, 18650, etc. 6V batteries in series I classify with regular full size units)...

Open Mic Stage: Cali Sounds
American Dream - Grizzly Derringer    Rainbows in the Sea - Amalgamation

02/08 - Dirty Old Women Book Launch Party
Full size: Book Launch Party

Battery Ratings, Lithium vs Lead Acid (article & video links in the newsletter)

One More Tune:

Magnetofunky No. 05 - January 30, 2017,    Duration: 30:41

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"Sizing Your Grid"

Burn It To The Ground -  Black Surf

Actually, it's sizing your load...

Open Mic Stage: Fresh Indie Sounds From Australia
Dire Consequences - Clea    Upwardsbound - Shady Nasty    Everything Is Different Now - Introvert

Until 04/02-Where is Here Exhibit @ MoAD    02/11-All That Jazz w Jamie Lynn Fletcher    02/13-Erotica Exotica Poetica Extravaganza
Full size flyers: All That Jazz, Exotica Erotica

Sizing, Cool 6V Hack, AA Power Pack (video links in the newsletter)

One More Tune:
Grow Up - Elucid (AUS)

Magnetofunky No. 04 - January 23, 2017,    Duration: 25:48

Image courtesy of Michael Faraday...

"The Generator Side"

X-Rays - Chenard Walcker

The Generator Side, or SRO Power Grid Evolution...

Open Mic Stage: Somewhat Sensual NSFW Sounds, Including Poetry!
If I Could Be Your - Rachel Kann   

All Quiet on the Western Front; Calendar Dates

Chargers and A Generator (video links in the newsletter)

One More Tune:
Ici la Femme (XXX Mix) Louise Vertigo - The Lounge King

Magnetofunky No. 03 - January 16, 2017,    Duration: 27:28

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"Buckle Up"

Black Sea - The AX

Portable AC and DC

Back To The Stage: Short, Sharp, Loud - and yeah, the end is NSFW
Hovercraft - Sora Shima    Snortin Clorox - Friend or Foe

01/21: Women's March Bay Area - Oakland, San Jose @ 10AM, San Francisco @ 4PM    01/22: Bob Lawrence @ TallGrass Writers Guild in Chicago

Portable Systems Examples

One More Tune:
Run and Play - Potent

Magnetofunky No. 02 - January 09, 2017,    Duration: 30:11


Brighter Day - Galactic Brethren

Theory - A Good Place to Start...

Open Mic Stage: A Zen Space To Pause and Contemplate
Velvet Ladder - Blue Dot Sessions    Owlpacas In Flight - All India Radio

01/11: Codepink’s Weekly Peace Vigil @ Senator Diane Feinstein's SF Office
01/15: Chicago Writers Resist @ Open Books, Chicago    01/15: Bay Area Witers Resist @ Starline Social Club, Oakland
01/15-16: Black Comix Arts Festival Around the Bay - Tannarive Due/Nisi Shawl - 1/15 2PM    01/16: Waiting 4 the Bus @ Uncharted Books Chicago

So What's It For? (Hint: alternative battery)

San Fran Interlude (Edit) - Strobotone

Magnetofunky No. 01 - January 02, 2017,    Duration: 25:36

Episode Transcript

"Through the Darkness"

Land of Special Interests - Nothing ADD All

Mission Statement - What the hell is this show about?

Open Mic Stage:
Departures - Portrayal    Vague Utopia - Tia Gostelow

01/09: Bilingual Reading at Mills College in Oakland

Mission Statement - What works, and what's BS...

Slow Wait - Portrayal

Rocket Power & Spy Glass, Kevin MacLeod (
20070517.chalkboard.writing.wav, dobroide (
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