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Grid power to the people!

Magnetofunky is a laid back (and often explicit, you bet your ass...) bi-monthly podzine and personal journal of extremely eclectic music and progressive politics, with a focus on mobile energy independence and creative West Coast wanderlust.

I began the show seeking solutions to a simple scenario: how do you charge a battery AND keep your fridge running on day three of a blackout without a solar panel or a windmill?

Well, as of episode 157, I made a working 100W model of a Battery Operated Self-Charging Power Plant. The device uses conventionally available power supply and battery charging components to simulate the process patented by Carlos F. Benitez 100 years ago. A 1000W system is also possible.

Physically, I'm in the damn-near completely gentryfied and contentious (and constantly renovated) left coast oasis of art, culture, and social experiment called San Francisco. My current base of operations is in my Mission District sculpture/podcast studio, but once I'm completely mobile I plan to go walkabout up and down the West Coast on a more or less permanent bike tour...

The Open Mic Stage accepts submissions of almost any genre from great bands and artists the world over, whether big name or indie, as long as I like the beat and flow.

Send mp3's, press kits to: mfunkyzine "at" gmail "dot" com. Please submit media download links only, no attachments; they'll only get deleted.

Magnetofunky No. 197 - December 27, 2021,    Duration: 44:03

Episode Transcript

The Great Highway along Ocean Beach. Image - Fiona Lee, sfgate...

"Course Correction"

Lady Brett Ashley - Ladybread

The New Format

The new 'Itinerary' segment will cover all things in a speculatively navigational fashion...   

Open Mic Stage: Cinematic & Wonky Beats

Argon - Andu Simion    Ronin - EXETEXE    Ragemaker -  iVardensphere


World War³

Cargo Set

The roller duffel stuffed with the normal camp gear plus the bike gear. There's enough room left for the folded solar panel...    The analog oscillator I bought almost exactly three years ago became a Xmas present to a guy who was stoked to get it to use with his musical instruments. Cool...

One More Tune:
Silently - Elise Morris

Music Bed:
Forever Cascades - Forrest Fang

Rocket Power, Kevin MacLeod (
20070517.chalkboard.writing.wav, dobroide (
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