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Magnetofunky is a laid back (and often explicit, you bet your ass...) weekly podzine of extremely eclectic music and progressive politics, with a focus on energy independence for the 99%, the people usually left out of discussions on going off the grid or generating electricity in an emergency. I'm seeking solutions to a simple scenario: how do you charge a battery AND keep your fridge running on day three of a blackout without a solar panel or a windmill?

Physically, I'm in the damn-near completely gentryfied and contentious (and constantly renovated) left coast oasis of art, culture, and social experiment called San Francisco. My current base of operations is in my Mission District sculpture/podcast studio, but metaphorically, I'm perched at the western end of Golden Gate Park near Sunset Beach, where the sunsets are wonderful and scientists, poets, artists and musicians come through and jam to the surf...

The Open Mic Stage accepts submissions of almost any genre from great bands and artists the world over, whether big name or indie, as long as I like the beat and flow.

Send mp3's, press kits to: mfunkyzine "at" gmail "dot" com. Please submit media download links only, no attachments; they'll only get deleted.

The Facebook podzine page has music video and Power Grid-related misc. Please leave a comment or rating on FB or my iTunes page...

Magnetofunky No. 84 - August 10, 2018,    Duration: 35:53

Image: Open voltage reading from the Cockcroft Walton Voltage Multiplier...

"Yeah, The Bedini Is Just A Toy"

Get Him Out - SWEVENS

It's The Current

Image: CW detail...   

Open Mic Stage: Cali Beat...
Hate To Say - BOWERS    Brotherhood - Slam Caesar    Gone - Asyst   

08-11-National Day of Civic Hacking, Code for America, SF...    08-15-Solving the Black Maternal Heath Crisis, Ancient Light Studio BK, Brooklyn...    08-15-Remaking Rent Control, Impact Hub San Francisco...

Moving On To Benitez

Image: More speed testing the rotor wheel. This is the slowest tuned RPM...    Image: ...And this is the fastest I can tune the wheel to...   

One More Tune:
Truth & Lies - OUT OF PLUMB

Magnetofunky No. 83 - August 03, 2018,    Duration: 38:09

Image: Cockcroft Walton Voltage Multiplier, by Chetvorno...

"Charge Pumps and Going Gears"

The Entitled - Dos Trios

The CW

Image: balance wheel...    Image: big gear, little pinion...    Image: Before Cockcroft Walton, there was Grienacher's Doubler...

Open Mic Stage: Coast to Coast Rock...
Thunder Love - THE RITUALISTS    Critical Mass - Libricide    Willie Mays - The Arabs   

08/05-Rally against Hate @ Ohlone Playground and Greenway, Berkeley...    08/07-Spike Lee @ TheTimesCenter, New York...    08/08-Rights for Refugees @ HRC, SF...    08/09-Register New Citizens to Vote @ Paramount Theatre, Oakland...    08/09-Bay Area Queer Zine Fest Benefit @ Club 21, Oakland...

Power Valve Check

Image: 200 Ohms on the left, 50 Ohms on the right for the big booster...    Image: The big booster charge wire after soldering...    Image: This double-clip power pack plus an extra clip should be portable enough for a go bag or backpack...

One More Tune:
Fall Blossoms - Libricide

Magnetofunky No. 82 - July 27, 2018,    Duration: 37:21

Image: Reflective tape and marker flag on the rotor wheel for the speed test...

"The Inverter Do-Si-Do"

06-The Hell Is Close - MEDI HEAD

It's The Watts, Not The Amps

Image: 2 12V 35Ah batteries will well support a 400 - 600W inverter...   

Open Mic Stage: Beat and Flow From Iran, Just Because...
Intro (Sokout) - Bahram    Tape - Planet V    Fall Down - keyvan kamali   

07/28-3GT Investigates: Birth Rights @ Z Below, SF...    07/29-Last Sunday Poetry Reading @ Brewed Awakening, Westmont IL...    07/30-Facing Up to the Global Housing Crisis @ World Affairs, SF...    08/01-Homes Without Landlords @ CDP Oakland...    08/02-Doctors Without Borders Recruitment Info Session @ Neyborly, Berkeley...

Power Valves and A Speed Test

Image: The DC Doubler moved from the breadboard to perf board...    Image: The perf board connections...    Image: The power valve out lines for the mini me and the big boosters...    Image: The first speed test of the Bedini rotor...    Image: My 6 Ohm 50W resistor is still out, but the Berkley store said 25W would work ok...

One More Tune:
Weird Fishes (Radiohead Cover) - Moonhead

Magnetofunky No. 81 - July 20, 2018,    Duration: 36:34

Image: Dionysius Lardner (1858) Handbook of Natural Philosophy: Mechanics, Walton & Maberley, London, fig.325, p.355...

"Old School Spring Motors"

Chant Of The Moon - Voodoo Suite

Alternative Crank

Image: 120-year-old tech...   

Open Mic Stage: A few Lunar Variations...
Moon - Out of Sorts    The Dark Saint of the Moon - lietoofine    THE NEW PLANET - Translunar   

07/21-Beach Poets @ Loyola Beach, Chicago...    07/21-Bob Lawrence Launches Latest Book @ TallGrass Open Mic, Chicago...    07/22-Nuestras Raices - Oakland Youth Rise @ East Side Arts Alliance, Oakland...    07/22-Postcard-writing Happy Hour @ Tommy's Joynt, SF...    07/24-Bring Solar To Affordable Housing in Berkeley!...

Bedini Rectifier

Image: Voltage doubler on the perfboard...    Image: The baby booster cap with the rectifier...    Image: The mini me with the rectifier still doesn't spin the big motor...

One More Tune:
Moon - Uriel Rivera

Rocket Power, Kevin MacLeod (
20070517.chalkboard.writing.wav, dobroide (
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