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Episodes 20 - 11

Magnetofunky No. 20 - May 15, 2017,    Duration: 41:42

C F Benitez switch 6. Patent diag. redrawn Nov 2005 by Bruce A Perreault.

"Carlos F Benitez, Free Energy OG, Part 3"

Tank! (Cowboy Bebop OP) - Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts

Benitez Part 3: Switches

Open Mic Stage: A More Jazzy Set...
Fever - Jamie Lynn Fletcher    Lassie - Byzance Nord    (Something About) Cones - Gospel Of Mars

05/15-W4tB:Weirdo Open Mic with Len and Julie @ Uncharted Books, Chicago    05/18-Oakland Community Resource Fair, 6-9PM, 975 7th St    05/19-21-Maker Faire 2017, San Mateo    05/21-TallGrass Writers Guild Monthly Open Mic @ Conrad Sulzer Regional Library, Chicago    05/21-Basic Krav Maga Self-Defense Seminar @ Nevermore House, Oakland

Full size: W4tB:Weirdo Open Mic, Maker Faire 2017, San Mateo, Basic Krav Maga Self-Defense Seminar

Benitez Switch No. 8

One More Tune:
Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches - Son Little

Magnetofunky No. 19 - May 08, 2017,    Duration: 42:21

C F Benitez. Patent diag. redrawn Nov 2005 by Bruce A Perreault.

"Carlos F Benitez, Free Energy OG, Part 2"

Tune In; The Sound - Di Kang

Benitez Patent 2

Open Mic Stage: Psychological and Psychedelic New Indie Tunes...
Breathe Into Me - Mammút    Playtime - The U.S. Americans    Jewel-Eyed Judy - Pk jazz Collective

05/12-End of Semester Reading, CCSF Poetry for The People Club    05/15-W4tB:Weirdo Open Mic with Len and Julie @ Uncharted Books, Chicago

Full size: CCSF Poetry for The People Club, W4tB:Weirdo Open Mic

Tesla's 1892-93 TED Talks

One More Tune:
Reach For The Sky - Auranova

Magnetofunky No. 18 - May 01, 2017,    Duration: 32:58

C F Benitez...

"Carlos F Benitez, Free Energy OG"

Lets Be Light - Auranova

Benitez's Inventions...

Open Mic Stage: A Few Curated and Submitted Tunes...
KGB - The U.S. Americans    2AM Remix - Hixbi Fox    Shittia - The Clones

05/1-A Day With Out Immigrants, SF and across the country    05/6-21st Annual Hip Hop in the Park @ People's Park, Berkeley

Benitez Patent 1

One More Tune:
Low Slung - Morphamish

Magnetofunky No. 17 - April 24, 2017,    Duration: 32:22

D M Cook...

"Daniel M Cook, Free Energy OG"

Anti-Anti - Snowden

Cook's Invention...

Open Mic Stage: A Few Classic Tunes from the old show...
Lost and Delirious - The Blue Seeds    Flow - The Peak Show

04/25-Oakland Crossroads @ Studio Grand, Oakland    04/30-The Poetry Bomb, everywhere @ 3:30 pm

Full size: The Poetry Bomb

Circuit D

One More Tune:
Western Sunrise - Art Decade

Magnetofunky No. 16 - April 17, 2017,    Duration: 36:31

Bedini circuit...

"The Bedini What Now?"

Manifesto - White City Graves

Bedini Inquiry...

Open Mic Stage: West Coast Punk-House Mix...
Lil Trick - Ghastly    8th for my Dad - Regional Faction
Firearms and Bucket Hats - Hard To Hit    Torn Apart - Hixbi Fox

04/19-California Poet Laureate Dana Gioia @ Mechanics' Institute, SF    04/20-Morgan Parker & Arisa White in Conversation @ Alley Cat Books    04/30-The Poetry Bomb, everywhere @ 3:30 pm

Full size: Dana Gioia @ Mechanics' Institute, Morgan Parker & Arisa White, The Poetry Bomb

Benitez Motor!

One More Tune:
Phantom Footsteps - Shadow Fax

Magnetofunky No. 15 - April 10, 2017,    Duration: 35:33

My bleach battery...


Bombrero - Regular Gonzales

The Situation So Far...

Open Mic Stage: Wall of Sound Punk Rock, Etc...
Sucker - Alice Sweet Alice    Storm - Regular Gonzales    Is Dead - Vitamin Pets

04/13-Yuri's NightLife @ California Academy of Sciences, SF    04/13-Queers & Comics 2017 Opening Party @ Strut in the Castro
04/15-Tax March Nationwide and @ SF Civic Center    04/30-The Poetry Bomb, everywhere @ 3:30 pm

Full size: Yuri's NightLife, Queers & Comics 2017, Tax March Nationwide, The Poetry Bomb

DIY Charge Controllers

One More Tune:
l'hymne - Anes & Bateaux)

Magnetofunky No. 14 - April 03, 2017,    Duration: 31:15

Image courtesy of Adafruit...

"Charge Controllers"

The Chemical Worker's Song (Process Man) - Great Big Sea

The Bouncer at Club Battery...

Open Mic Stage: Springtime For Twitler
Sexy Wolf (Fuzz Cut) - Roscoes Wild Child    Redemptive Narration - Ben Morse    Light off / Move on - springtide

04/04-Chris Koehler @ CCSF Art Gallery    04/07-09-Art Explosion Spring Open Studios, Mission Dist.
04/8 - Slam Cabaret with Slam Papi Marc Smith    04/08-09-Chicano International Film Festival en La Misión

Full size: Chris Koehler @ CCSF Art Gallery, Art Explosion Spring Open Studios, Chicano International Film Festival,

DIY Charge Controllers

One More Tune:
Conflictos - ONK (Operation No-One Knows)

Magnetofunky No. 13 - March 27, 2017,    Duration: 30:53

Image courtesy of Wikipedia...

"Indoor Micro Turbines"

100ft Wave - Tojamura 7

Indoor Micro Turbines...

Open Mic Stage: Gritty Garage Surf Rock
The Machine Stops - Miseryslims    Eponymosity - Let Me Crazy    Shaman - The Vivisectors

3/30-Loria Mendoza @ Alley Cat Books    03/31-Trans Day of Visibility 2017 @ SOMArts    03/31 -Jamie Lynn Fletcher @ Chateau De Pere
04/1-TallGrass Writers Guild @ Let Them Eat Chocolate. Pictured: Jenene Ravesloot    04/04-Chris Koehler @ CCSF Art Gallery    04/8 - Slam Cabaret with Slam Papi Marc Smith

Full size: Loria Mendoza @ Alley Cat Books, Trans Day of Visibility 2017 @ SOMArts, Chris Koehler @ CCSF Art Gallery

PC Fan Micro Turbines

One More Tune:
BRB, Rapture  - D.A. Dad

Magnetofunky No. 12 - March 20, 2017,    Duration: 35:08

Image courtesy of

"DIY Lithium Banks"

Hot - The Regrettes

DIY Lithium Banks...

Open Mic Stage: Bands That Played in Austin Last Week
Machines That Breathe - Be Charlotte    Ruby - Charly Bliss    The Bus Song - Jay Som

03/31 -Jamie Lynn Fletcher @ Chateau De Pere    04/8 - Slam Cabaret with Slam Papi Marc Smith

Iron Age Lithium Banks

One More Tune:
Going Mad As The Street Bins - L.A. Salami

Magnetofunky No. 11 - March 13, 2017,    Duration: 42:39

Image courtesy of Surya Enterprises / Seychelles News Agency...

"Frankenstein Batteries"

Revolution - MJT

Frankenstein Batteries - Repurposed and revived old storage hardware because new deep cycle batteries are steep...

Open Mic Stage: Bands & Artists Playing in Austin This Week
1080p - Sammus    Underwater - FOXTRAX    Shave The Pride - Le Butcherettes

03/18 - TallGrass Writers Guild Welcomes Spring @ The Book Cellar, Chicago. Marjorie Skelly pictured    03/20 - EGON AND ERIN ARE WAITING 4 the BUS @ Uncharted Books, Chicago
Full size: Waiting 4 The Bus

Can you make a 12V Battery With Enough Amperage?

One More Set:
Familiar - Agnes Obel    S'il Vous Plait - Otoboke Beaver

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