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Episodes 30 - 21

Magnetofunky No. 30 - July 24, 2017,    Duration: 33:25

image - from my mad science lab, uh, TV tray...

"Project Doohickey"

Sunny Side - August Churchill

Joule Thief Plus

Open Mic Stage: Bay Area Eclectic...
Extraordinary - Strangely Attractive    Nuclear Emulsion - Slow Torpedo

07/25-Black Butterflies @ The Strand Theater, SF    07/29-Oakhella Day Party and Concert, Oakland    07/30-51st Annual Festival of Chariots, Golden Gate Park   

Sun Stone Lab Notes

One More Tune:
Dewel - Sun Hop Fat

Magnetofunky No. 29 - July 17, 2017,    Duration: 30:29

image -

"The Other Global South"

Sunny Sunny - Neha Kakkar

Not Enough Grid

Open Mic Stage: Indian Eclectic...
Krishnashtakam - Deepika.Singer    INFINITY WITHIN. - The Sheeba Butterfly

07/21-23-SF Art Book Fair 2017   

The Crystal Glue Battery-Not Battery

One More Tune:
Vegas 1990 - The Stray Project

Magnetofunky No. 28 - July 10, 2017,    Duration: 37:40

image - West Africa Power Market Dev. Project, World Bank

"The Grid Is Only 20 Miles Away"

KEUNG KEUNG - El Menheimo


Open Mic Stage: West African Grooves...
Founfoungni - Mai Tanaka    DjAvatar kukujumuku mix -  Dj Avatar

07/11-Litquake Lunch Break @ Yerba Buena Gardens    07/13-San Francisco 48Hour Film Project Mixer    07/15-Refuse Fascism Rally and March @ Civic Center/UN Plaza   


One More Tune:
Money Is Relevant - Yung6ix

Magnetofunky No. 27 - July 03, 2017,    Duration: 33:59


"Every Power Grid Is A Sitting Duck"

Runaway Tractor - The Dangaleros

Fragile Grid

Open Mic Stage: All Cali, All Indie
Aberration - Slow Torpedo    Flyin' Free - Nick Chaconk    Poisened Loving Arrow - Triggered Heart

07/8-2017 Queer Comics Expo @ SOMArts   

OK, Then What?

One More Tune:
Baja Noche No Luna - The Dangaleros

Magnetofunky No. 26 - June 26, 2017,    Duration: 28:42

image: courtesy

"Grid in a Backpack"

Santa Carla - Le Panique

Backpack Size

Open Mic Stage: San Francisco Bands
Flicker - Brother Spellbinder    Jailbreak - No Good Crook   

06/27-El Color y El Dolor: A Frida Inspired Art Show @ Puerto Alegre in the Mission    06/28-Pride Poetry Palooza @ Nomadic Press, Oakland    07/2-Impeachment March SF @ Justin Herman Plaza

Full size: El Color y El Dolor: A Frida Inspired Art Show

Crystal Cell Summary

One More Tune:
Man Of The Year - Le Panique

Magnetofunky No. 25 - June 19, 2017,    Duration: 29:15

image: My crystal power cell ingredients

"Lab Notes"

Broken coin - Soft and Furious

Crystal Cells 102

Open Mic Stage: Conscious Hip Hop...
Soldiers - May Lyn    Runnin' - Rahu   

06/21-Emerging Artists Open House @ MoAD 06/21-Achy Obejas Book Launch @ City Lights    06/22-SF 2018 SXSW Community Meet Up @ Bespoke

Stage 2 Cells

One More Tune:
Shredded trauma - Soft and Furious

Magnetofunky No. 24 - June 12, 2017,    Duration: 31:52

image: My crystal power cell ingredients

"Crystal Power"

Medicate - Indian Summer

Crystal Cells 102

Open Mic Stage: Psychedelic Tunes...
Noahs Stark - krackatoa    E-Love - The Upsidedown   

06/13-SF CycleHack Meetup @ Timbuk2 in The Mission    06/16-Bloomsday in Chicago @ Galway Arms    06/18-30th Annual Berkeley Juneteenth Festival

Full size: SF CycleHack Meetup @ Timbuk2, 3rd Annual Bay Area Book Festival, Berkeley Juneteenth Festival

Crystal Glue Persuasion

One More Tune:
Utopia (instrumental) - YACHT

Magnetofunky No. 23 - June 05, 2017,    Duration: 38:51

image: Edison Battery Detail, Wikipedia

"Edison/Jungner Batteries"

Teach Me - The Lyrical

NiFe Batteries 101

Open Mic Stage: Fresh Curated and Submitted Tunes...
Deadbeat - Indian Summer    Strawberry Jam -  Execution of a Dream    99 Bottles - Pist Idiots   

06/6-Bilingual Reading and Translation Death Match @ Laurel Bookstore, Oakland    06/10-Mixed Remixed Festival 2017 @ LATC, Los Angeles

Lithium and Iron

One More Tune:
Live at the Winston No. 3 - Thee Irma & Louise

Magnetofunky No. 22 - May 30, 2017,    Duration: 34:06

image: D.Mohankumar

"The Amazing Joule Thief"

Kingdom - Reditus

Joule Thief 101

Open Mic Stage: The Beat, The Beat...
Snake Charmer - Caballo    when parties turn to orgies - Eigenheimer   

06/3-Drag Queen Story Hour w Panda Dulce @ SFPL in The Castro    06/3-4-3rd Annual Bay Area Book Festival, Downtown Berkeley

Full size: Drag Queen Story Hour w Panda Dulce, 3rd Annual Bay Area Book Festival

The Build Project List

One More Tune:
I'll Be Your California - Christian Ortiz (Modest Roots)

Magnetofunky No. 21 - May 22, 2017,    Duration: 39:44

image: Power Lines And Clouds, psychedelicfivecats

"SitRep 2"

Money For Portraits - POW! Negro

The New View

Open Mic Stage: A Little HipHop, a little Nerdcore, a little Surf...
Heavier Than Ever - Timezone LaFontaine    Moans Through The Grass - Oz Alchemist    Not Today - Big Ups

05/23-Elizabeth Marino @ The Gallery Cabaret, Chicago    05/24-Women of the 60s Counterculture @ SFPL Koret Auditorium    05/27-Free Legal Clinic @ Box Dog Bikes in The Valencia Bottoms

Mad Science Lab Baby Steps

One More Tune:
Tourist Shooting Tar Balls - Party People in a Can

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