Magnetofunky Archives: 31-40

Episodes 40 - 31

Magnetofunky No. 40 - October 03, 2017,    Duration: 43:40

Image: finally a second multimeter and some magnet wire for Mfunky Labs...

"Crystals, Shorts and Fuses"

Honey-Skin Woman - The Roscoes Wild Child

The Well-Worn Circuit Path

Open Mic Stage: Fresh Indie from the Hot List...
Farm Like We'll Live Forever - Nagdeo    Apocalypse Now - Amphibian Man    WALK LIKE A DUCK II - The Roscoes Wild Child

10/05-Free Citizenship Workshop in Chinatown    10/6-7 The first annual ATLANTA AfroFuturism Fest...    10/07-Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival, MLK Jr Park, Downtown Berkeley    10/08-Bay Area Mural Festival: Richmond 2017

Sun Stone 4.5 Beta

Image: packing electrolyte in cell 4.5    Image: shorting the crystal cells...

One More Tune:
The Wolf - Mercury And The Architects

Magnetofunky No. 39 - September 25, 2017,    Duration: 28:08

Image: Moving-vane ammeter, used in science education in the early 20th century, on display in the Schulhistorische Sammlung (School Historical Museum), Bremerhaven, Germany...

"Working Without A Net"

American Way - Greg in Good Company


Open Mic Stage: Fresh Indie...
Digging Schedule - Prison Ring    Time Machine - Pixelgon

09/29-8th Annual Silicon Valley African Film Festival, San Jose    09/30-2017 One Hundred Thousand Poets For Change @ Alley Cat Books

Advance Notice:

10/6-7 The first annual ATLANTA AfroFuturism Fest...

Sun Stone 4.5

One More Tune:
A Conversation - Maxwell Vann

Magnetofunky No. 38 - September 18, 2017,    Duration: 31:51

Image: detail from a pulse motor mock-up...

"When The Experiment Goes Sideways The Fun Starts"

Machine - Mercury and The Architects

Off The Drawing Board

Open Mic Stage: Fresh Indie...
Misplaced - Riley Pearce    Last to Suffer - Amongst Thieves

09/18-W4tB with Poet Paul Ryan @ Uncharted Books, Chicago   

Band Pluggers:

09/21 - Jamie Lynn Fletcher @ Bakkheia Wine Bar, Brillion, WI...

Circuit Analysis
Image: The paper clip test

One More Tune:
Ode To Occupy - TONE 7

Magnetofunky No. 37 - September 11, 2017,    Duration: 36:35

Image: detail from pulse motor mock-up...

"Let's Play Faraday!"

Declerations - IlluminationUnlimited

Magnets and Magnet Wire
Image: from short video, wire coil and magnet stack    Image: electronic springboard test bed...

Open Mic Stage: Bright Hawaiian Mix...
Permaculture - Nagdeo    Ode to Shida - YumYum Beast

09/12-Net Neutrality Demo, 6 PM - 7 PM PDT, 543 Howard St., SF    09/16-MOON Anthology Publishing Party, Sulzer Regional Library, Chicago    09/16-2017 Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair @ OMNI Commons, Oakland    09/16-Poetry Pentathlon 2017, Chicago

Band Pluggers:

09/13-HR of Bad Brains w/Shinobi Ninja, Rocker-T, Punk in Dub w/Selector Agent J, 8 PM EDT, Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn...

Sun Stone 4.0
Image: updated sun stones, from Lab Notes    Image: fidget spinner bearings from pop-up store...

One More Tune:
Warrior Priest - SUMOMO

Magnetofunky No. 36 - September 04, 2017,    Duration: 33:08

Image: 2N3906 transistor, Wikipedia

"It's All About The Slew"

Gordons Bay - Glitter Canyon

Just Another Switch
Image: from 'Troubleshooting switch mode power supplies,' Iacopo Giangrandi

Open Mic Stage: Fresh Global Surf/Punk...
Welcome To Sunny Saigon - Amphibian Man    Deviant - Decent Criminal    The Blind Prince - Old Man Wizard    No Sleep 'Til Low Beat - The Abyssmals

09/7-The Flash Fiction Collective's Tiny Desk Reading @ Alley Cat Books    09/9-2017 Fall Open House @ The Crucible, Oakland    09/10-Oakland Pride Parade & Festival 2017

Recycled Meh
Image: recycled sun stones, from Lab Notes    Image: electronic springboard, from Lab Notes

One More Tune:
Chasing The Car Bandits - Threesome

Magnetofunky No. 35 - August 28, 2017,    Duration: 37:47

Image: still from YouTube video

"The BB What?"


BBF Switch
Image: partial from 'SelfishOrLovingCircuit1,'

Open Mic Stage: More Fresh, Still Hard...
Boomerang - Amalgamation    Dr Gears Dub - BANDRIS    Right Person Right Time - Gilman Mom

09/02-Beast Crawl Literary Festival 2017, Uptown Oakland    09/03-The 16th Annual San Francisco Zine Fest

Pulse Point
Image: salvaged TV parts

One More Tune:
Disinformation - Mercury and the Architects

Magnetofunky No. 34 - August 21, 2017,    Duration: 39:03

Image: Flyback Transformer Pinout


Hell In Every Religion - Stevie Jean

Where We're At
Image: FBT

Open Mic Stage: Hard Global Grooves...
living the dream - augen    Smudj - Foniqz

08/25-28th Annual King Tut Egyptian Festival, Hayward    08/26-The Umoja Festival 2017, Oakland    08/26-Puff, Pass & Paint Bay Area, Oakland

Sun Stone Recycling
Image: Sun Stone Recycling

One More Tune:
Radge Time - Morphamish

Magnetofunky No. 33 - August 14, 2017,    Duration: 37:58

Image: Ryan M. Kelly, The Daily Progress

"Doing The Math"

Opening: Nazi Imitates "Mr. Mercedes" in Charlottesville...

Hacking The Math
Image: Ohm's Law

Open Mic Stage: More From NorCal and SoCal...
Allnighter - Good Help    Global Warming - Slow Torpedo    Road to Ibiza - Bloomfield Machine

08/16-Poetry Boom! Open Mic @ The Laundry, SF, SF    08/17-Jazz Herstory Collective @ Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, SF    08/17-YG2D @ The Lost Church, SF 08/19-Taste of Black Chicago    08/18-ONYXCON IX Art Exhibition, Atlanta   

JT's Alive, Sun Stone 3.0
Image: Sun Stone 3.0

One More Tune:
Never Stop - Stebz Juarez

Magnetofunky No. 32 - August 07, 2017,    Duration: 39:49

Image: Al Lasher's in Berkeley, my terminal block joule thief minus coil...

"The Stirling-Peltier Shortcut"


Stirling Engines, Peltier Chips

Open Mic Stage: Eclectic Alternative from Seattle...
Cry Out - Aanisah C. Long    huming fair - Riki Seo

08/8-Poetic Tuesday with Litquake, SF    08/12-Make School-San Francisco Summer Academy-Demo Day 2017    08/13-Tango in the Square, Union Square, SF    08/16-Poetry Pentathlon 2017, Chicago    08/18-ONYXCON IX Art Exhibition, Atlanta   

Toroid Agonisties

One More Tune:
Heartbreaker - Down North

Magnetofunky No. 31 - July 31, 2017,    Duration: 37:03

image - joule thief beta...

"Beta Testing"

Wave Vibes - Stebz Juarez

JT Beta Versions

Open Mic Stage: SoCal Indie...
Come And See Me (PARTYNEXTDOOR Cover) - Eddie Gun    Velvet Accident - Bloomfield Machine

08/3-Community Voices: Poets Speak, MoAD    08/5-Aloha Festival 2017, San Mateo    08/5-44th Annual Nihonmachi Street Fair, SF    08/26-27-Advance Notice-ONYXCON IX, Atlanta

Sun Stone Beta Build

One More Tune:
I Am Angry At My God - The Paper Trail

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