Magnetofunky Archives: 41-50

Episodes 50 - 41

Magnetofunky No. 50 - December 11, 2017,    Duration: 47:06

Image: The SStones as of today...

"Hard Crystal Light"

Are you Free - St. Bernadette

Continuing The Consideration

Image: electrolyte jelly...

Open Mic Stage: Fresh SoCal Indie...
Fuckin' Mess - Liokness    Ask Me Again - Ruto    All Of Us - DERONDA

12/14-The Conversation: Writing in Trumplandia @ Women & Children First Bookstore, Chicago...    112/14-Skywatchers Garden Warming & Open Mic @ Demonstration Gardens, SF...    12/15-Defend Twitter from Twitter @ Market and Tenth, SF...    12/15-Write Now! Writers of Color @ Alley Cat Books, SF... 12/16-Soulful Chicago Kwanzaa Book Fair @ AMC Center, Chicago...    12/16-Pocket CON 2017 @ Cultural Center, Chicago...

SStone Anode Update

Image: Magnesium alloy anode...

One More Tune:
Machine - Siva Noir

Magnetofunky No. 49 - December 04, 2017,    Duration: 41:28

Image: From the Mad Scientist TV Tray...

"SitRep 5"

Powerline - Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

The Plot Thickens

Open Mic Stage: Tunes From Atlanta and Asheville...
Promises - K-Gizzle    Lovely Days - Silver Machine    Muddy - Stoni Taylor

12/04-Shut down LaSalle Street to protest GOP tax scam, Chicago...    12/05-Deport ICE: The Resolution To End Cooperation With ICE, Oakland City Hall...    12/07-Flash Fiction Collective Flashathon @ Alley Cat Books, SF...    12/07-Save Net Neutrality Protest, The Market St. Verizon Store, SF... 12/08-Tongo Eisen-Martin, Tony Robles, A'aron Herd @ 34 Trinity Arts & News, SF...   

SStone Anode Glitch, 12 Volts For Testing, Not Being Tested

Image: Gray anode...

One More Tune:
Soda City - Analog Moon

Magnetofunky No. 48 - November 27, 2017,    Duration: 42:37

Image: 3/24/2014 article 'What is mesh networking, and why Apple’s adoption in iOS 7 could change the world',

"Crank Your Own Internet"

Wanderer - MJT

Get To Know Mesh

Image: The FCC bridge troll...    Image: Detroit Community Technology Project...

Open Mic Stage: Tunes From Greater Gotham...
Show You - Dino    no place like home - infiniteloop    Ivory - Decades

12/01-World AIDS Day Candlelight Vigil & March, SF...    12/03-Lunada Literary Lounge, In The Mission...

SStone Time Trial

Image: Charging the SStone AA...    Image: 40 minute Load Test...

One More Tune:
The Fire - Mercury and the Architects

Magnetofunky No. 47 - November 20, 2017,    Duration: 40:53

Image: still from 'What Is A Capacitor Bank' 2013 video, Nick Sek -

"You Can Crank A Generator, But Can You Crank A Battery?"

Metal Man - Electric Eel Shock (pic by Yuki Kuroyanagi)

A Battery of Capacitors

Image: The AC Crank...    Image: My Vast Supercapacitor Inventory...

Open Mic Stage: Nihongo Punk Rock...
Gun Man - BABYLON JET    Za binbinzu no tēma (The Bingbing's Theme) - The Bingbings    Misoji no Bitchi (Bitches of Thirty) - Eyebrow Magic

11/20-Trans Day of Remembrance @ SF LGBT Center...    11/20-W4tB: Weirdo Open Mic feat. Al DeGenova @ Uncharted Books, Chicago...    11/21-Tuesday at North Beach SFPL...    11/23-48th National Day of Mourning, 12:00 Noon, Coles Hill Plymouth, MA...    11/26-Film Screening: Dolores @ Brava Theater, SF...

Video Test, The Next SStone 6.5 Battery

Image: Testing the AC Crank...    Image: My El Cheapo 12V Battery Charger...    Image: Fresh SStone 6.5 Cells...

One More Tune:

Magnetofunky No. 46 - November 13, 2017,    Duration: 38:55

Image: My SRO Grid Emergency Phone Charger...

"What's The Deal With 9V Batteries Anyway"

Tremorlights - DERONDA

The 9V Path Not Taken

Image: Cathode Modification...

Open Mic Stage: All-LA Indie Stage...
Skin Job - Rufo    Pathfinder - Mr Corazon    Sugar Lies - Pixelgon

11/14-EBC Prison Mail Night @ Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Oakland...    11/16-Capitalism & Housing: The People's Study Group @ Omni Commons, Oakland...    11/17-Hamilton Sing-along @ Claremont Library Branch, Berkeley...    11/17-ReOrient 2017 Festival of Short Plays @ Potrero Stage, SF...    11/18-Vroman’s Walk of Fame Honoring Author/Poet Luis Rodriguez, Pasadena...

SStone 6.5 Lab Notes

Image: SStone Eureka!

One More Tune:
That's How We R'n'R - The Roscoes Wild Child

Magnetofunky No. 45 - November 06, 2017,    Duration: 47:27

Image: from 'Energy Harvesting from Electromagnetic Signals' - Ludic Science


Music In Creation - JASSNIRO

An Ounce of Real, A Ton of Bullshit

Image: DIY rectifying Antenna...

Open Mic Stage: Mediterranean Beat and Flow...
Jawa - Akram Abdulfattah    Waiting 4 (A. R. Private Remix) - Allan Ramirez    Say What (Argento Bootleg) - Argento

11/09-Donna Brazile @ The Commonwealth Club, SF...    11/11-Octavia at 70 @ Alena Studio, Oakland...    11/11-TallGrass Writers and Beverly's Longwood Writers, Beverly Library, Chicago...    11/11-Presidio Stargazing Party, SF...

DC Booster, SStone 6.0 Battery

Image: My boost  module...    Image: SStone 6.0...

One More Tune:
UltraZax / Mechanical Mayhem - ultravoice

Magnetofunky No. 44 - October 30, 2017,    Duration: 37:41

Image: Battery capacity chart...

"Load Testing"

I Want Jesus To Walk With Me - The Grus

Borderline Battery Bullshit

Image: Etc...    Image: Meanwhile, the AC motor arrived...

Open Mic Stage: More Fresh Indie, Mostly From LA...
What's Your Offer - Milk    Anthem of a Skel - Dan Shust    Higher Functions - DERONDA

11/04-Nanowrimo Write-In @ Chicago Writers Studio...    11/04-05-Last Open Studios @ Journal Building, SF...    11/05-4th Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival @ Doc Films, U of C...

SStone 6.0

Image: resistors...    Image: straw cell...

One More Tune:
Return of Corazon - Mr Corazon

Magnetofunky No. 43 - October 23, 2017,    Duration: 31:03

Image: didn't blow the fuse checking DC current...

"Scary Currents"

The Awful Green Things from Outer Space - Clouseaux

Back To The Starter Grid

Image: DC-DC Booster...    Image: 240V AC motor...

Open Mic Stage: Beach Blanket Monster Mosh...
Head Blown Off - Cretin 66    The Cemetary - Get Three Coffins Ready    We Are What We Eat - My Woshin Mashin

10/24-Impeachment Rally @ San Francisco City Hall...

Curing The Battery, Getting Over The Current Hump

Image: The 3.4V SStone...

One More Tune:
Where Is The Werewolf - WolfWolf

Magnetofunky No. 42 - October 16, 2017,    Duration: 38:43

Image: transistor, not-transistor...

"MOSFETs and Op Amps"

interdependence [andrzejek’s F.I.F.L.A.R. Mix] - divisor/

No Appetite For Arduino Pie Yet

Image: The Arduino Uno...    Image: The Raspberry Pi...

Open Mic Stage: Fresh Beats...
I Won't - K-Gizzle    A'pastrophy - Soy Sauce Control    Tabulasa - Broke For Free

10/16-W4tB featuring Laura Winton @ Uncharted Books, Chicago...    10/18-Human Rights Happy Hour @ SF ACLU    10/20-MOON Reading at Little Indie Press Festival, Chicago...    10/20-Flash Fiction Night @ Alley Cat Books, SF...

SStone 5.X, 3V Battery

Image: The 5.X and the other 5.0 cell...    Image: The 3 Volt battery...

One More Tune:
Something Elated - Broke For Free

Magnetofunky No. 41 - October 09, 2017,    Duration: 38:58

Image: the yellow zone courtesy of PG and E...

"SitRep In A Yellow Zone"

Vole - Inaequalis

The New Map

Image: The Stressed Bay Area Grid...

Open Mic Stage: Fresh Indie From San Juan, PR...
Go - Kalavera Inc    Catarata - La Futura Prole    Quiebra Part Tres - Jotade Vega    Extraño - Sintonia Retro

10/11-MoAD/Litquake Feat. Sonia Sanchez, SF...

Sun Stone 5.0

Image: The 4.5 AA

One More Tune:
Drones - Psychadelik Pedestrian

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