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This section is (yeah yeah, will be) an archive of works sold and removed from the Portfolio. Till then it's pretty much 'Lorem ipsum dolor...'

12.23 Press Publications

This section is for my previously created non-sculptural work. The links merely point to my sales pages; they're not affiliated or pay per click.

Banjo Strings - An epic, graphic and deadly tale of antebellum ghosts, supernatural spies, and a den of iniquity amid the Red Maple and Magnolia trees. At Amazon and Smashwords.

(Reviews of the earlier podcast novel version)

"...I get a strong X-Files vibe from it, which is definitely a good thing. It also seems like the scope of the story widens with each of the first several episodes, so just as soon as I started to think I had a handle on the whole thing, it got even bigger, which was really exciting. Banjo Strings is definitely for mature audiences only, but if you can handle Falcon Twin, you can probably handle Banjo Strings." - Brenden Mecleary, creator, Falcon Twin online graphic novel.

"As a western historian, a lot of my research is on the Civil War, people and events. Your use of language and descriptions is refreshing!" - Kip Shelton, Writer and Producer.

(Reviews of text version at YouWriteOn.com)

"This is a complex plot, expertly handled, with flashbacks and multiple POVs. The history of the Wainwright plantation is woven in well with the current-day scenes. The horror of both what happened then and the retribution on the Wainwright descendants is stark, and leaves the reader dreading what comes next. There are very explicit sex and violence scenes, but they are integral to the plot, rather than used gratuitously...overall, this was a very powerful opening, guaranteed to keep the reader turning pages." - carrieB.

"What a fantastic piece of hallucinatory gothic fun! I discovered this while browsing and thought I should stop for a quick review. You manage to sneak some very serious points into a narrative which, at the same time, retains an atmosphere of wild invention and playfulness. I loved it, and I'd love to read more of it." - panurge


Erzulie Freda - An audio interpretation of the poems contained in the chapbook "Erzulie." At CD Baby.

"21 poems from different perspectives of erotica, backed by smooth and scary jazz mutations."- CJ Laity.

Erzulie - 24 adult poems on various aspects of eros, from innocence to its aftermath... . At Amazon.

"Winfield offers glimpses of arousal through senses and ventures into voyerism and fantasy then challenges how we perceive relationships with regard to gender and race... Winfield's poems mirror his voice -- soft yet direct... His ideas possess the possibility of becoming even more taut, less like prose and more like capturing a fragment of time." - Tara Betts.

Wicker Park Sonata - 24 poems performed on the Chicago Poetry Scene from 1990 to 2002. At Amazon.

"This amazingly crafted chapbook explores the theme of change throughout history and in contemporary urban settings. Winfield's voice is powerful and these poems work together intensely toward a political message beautifully realized. It opens our eyes to how thin the line is between good and bad change." - CJ Laity, Editor & Publisher, Letter eX Magazine and ChicagoPoetry.com.

Rosedust - Erotic Horror Short Stories "Rosedust," "Johnson Grass," a dozen poems. At Amazon and Smashwords.

"No one but Larry Winfield, Chicago's own hypermedia and cinematic poet, can fearlessly wrestle lively prose poem performance to pages that thump like these. Beware, Rosedust is a revival of urban ghosts and it breathes." - Merilene M. Murphy, Poet/President, Telepoetics.

"...laid-back Chicago poet Larry Winfield has been a vital force for years -- poems, pofilms, pobands, and assays into essays...half-poet, half-musician, half unknown artist in Hong Kong, and one more reason why Chicago is the leading city in the bareknuckles brawl that is the poetry world these days" - Bob Holman, Mouth Almighty Records (producer, "The United States of Poetry.")