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Stone Camp_ photo by Jeff

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Friday came and went while I was still working in the lab with an eye to what fresh BS the Trump crime family would pull thinking none of us were watching, and nobody was surprised when he pulled another card from his deck of jokers and sprung his dirty trickster Roger Stone from the horror of a single day in a federal country club jail while screaming 'law and order' at BLM protesters, the citizens the corp. media is getting bored with reporting cause there's not enough fire and blood to justify the continuing police brutality.

Anyway, yesterday I went looking for particular songs to go with my mood and found a few at R., Triple J Unearthed and the FMA...

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The ecommerce situation here shakes out thusly: non-sculptural (digital) works under 12.23 Press are available at outlets like Amazon and Smashwords. Links found in the Showroom. The studio Shop, however, WILL NOT OPEN until I have at least a few pieces to actually sell, though I'm perfectly happy to have window shoppers stroll by the Portfolio (I seriously doubt that some out of town collector is salivating over these first pieces, and if so they can come to SF and buy it personally...)

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My Portfolio Prep class had it's "Hatch" show opening reception and I took a few general pics. (This section won't be moving for a while...)


My CV and Artist Statement, along with a gallery of completed work.

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This was the official podzine page for the last few years, but now serves as a document. The show links still work...